Smart Stand - A smart little stand for Smart Devices (Phones and Tablets)

by muzz64 Feb 20, 2019
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Great model, way smaller and faster to pring than many but super practical.

Nice job !

Hi there. Could you make the nut and bold head larger for better grip? Or if you have fusion 360 compatible files available, I can do that myself. Thanks.

That's easy enough to do but before I do have you printed this already and tried it. I designed the nut and bolt heads to be easy to grip so there is no problem with tightening or loosening. Keeping these parts at the standard size keeps it nice, neat and compact.

Let me know if you really need this.

Actually, it's for more for my kids but I did try it myself. The bolt head is just too small to get a good grip on. I actually made the mod in f360 earlier.. thought it might have issues with the import but it didn't. Here's the modded tablet bolt and nut in case you want to add it. No big deal.

Pleased to hear you worked out what you needed for your own purposes. Thanks for sharing the files but I won't post them as I haven't been asked for yhis before and having options often confuses people... not to mention that it really is a 'smarter' unit with the original size heads.

They look great, thanks for this :)
I am printing one tablet stand right now, hope they work for 10" tablets :D :)

Looks nice. Will print this as soon as my printer is done with its backlog :P

Thanks for this super compact phone stand. I will print the tablet version as well. Tomorrow I will try to clean the threads out.

Thanks for sharing the photos.... based on your comment it sounds like your threads aren't clean post printing. They should be.... it should be ready to assemble and screw together straight up the build plate. If not, try jyst gently screwing the nut a bolt together before assembling everything. I've printed quite a few of these and the threads always screw tigether smoothly. I hope you can get them working in this way as being able to tighten the stand well is important to lock the angle.

Thanks, I saw your comments and then checked my self in Cura and found what was wrong there was supports abd these ruined my Threads as it was too hard to clean them up. Have now made both and they are just fine. I find it easier to check things myself when it comes to settings, I wont forget now, every print has to be checked for these small but important details.

Like the design! What app/website do you use to get the black and/or white backgrounds on some of your photos?

Thanks for your message... I use the black or white backgrounds to make the print stand out with no distraction as members are interested in the design not the scenery. To achieve this I have sheets of black and white card I use as 'real' backgrounds then edit the images in Photoshop to clean them up a bit. I hope this answers your question okay.

Thanks so much! I will try that with my designs!

Wow, this one is very nice!
Im printing both the phone and tablet stands now, will post pics later :)

Thanks again muzz64 for yet another great and useful print!!! :D

Thanks... pleased you like them!