Low-Poly Totodile

by FLOWALISTIK May 24, 2014
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Some reason...when i scale this to 100%(regular size) my Ender 3 can't print it. So.....i bring down speed to even 20 mm/s! Still wont print. Please fix if possible. But for now, i scaled to 175%, 150%, and 125% and they all worked. All printed with 60 mm/s.

Does this need supports?

From details :

It was designed so it doesn't need support material, although each printer is different and it may be more difficult to print it depending on the settings.

Wonderful thank you

Made one out of concrete, but can't help but think the bulge between the legs is too big :p.

Are you okay with my robotics team selling some of these as a fundraiser(nonprofit)

What about a Torchic low-poly? The legs might be a problem, though.

any chance of a cyndaquil low poly model one day?

Cyndaquil was published a month ago! Chek the thing info and you will see a link to my newest designs! Also, there will be more low poly pokemon soon!

any tips on making low poly products? I would love to learn how not only for pokemon but a variety of others as well

I really like this and will print one (or more), but I'd like a high-res version of Totodile since it's my favorite starter. Does anyone know where I could get the model for one?

My 3d printer is asking me the units, sorry a bit of a noob

With the release of 4 new colors of the Z-ULTRAT filament by Zortrax, we bring you a quick look at the possibility 3D printing has in the toy industry. This is where imagination meets reality. With a 3D printer in your home, you can literally catch 'em all.

Check out our video on the great work done by Flowalistik's low poly Pokemon below.


Can't wait to... "literally" get our hands on more of your work!!!

Low-Poly Pikachu


My 2nd fav pokemon yay! :) saves to computer

It could be Awesome if you make Charizard :D

I have a secret list with the Pokemon I will design this summer...

I demand more! Awesome work!

There will be more, but I will be a couple of days without working because I just set my printer on fire. Arrrg!

Love these, keep it up

Can I put in a request for a low-poly aron or swinub? Haha thanks so much, these are great! Keep it up flow ;)

You will have to wait some more time! Next week I will continue with Gen2 starters and then I'm going back with some random Gen1 Pokemon. I hope you are also fan of first generation Pokemon!

Alright! Sounds like a plan haha, I know Porygon should be fairly easy as it is already in "low-poly" form and Tauros is definetly one that you should consider for generation 1 ;) I will continue to follow this page for sure!

Sick design, just like all the rest! Can't wait to see what the future brings!

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Can you do cyndiquil next. That would be awsome

That's the plan, but I'm having some problem imagining Chikorita and Cyndaquil. I will design them, be sure, butevery new generation is more complex than the one before!

Me encantan tio! Mil gracias por compartirlos. Espero que hayan muchos más ;)

Being printed right now, didn't encounter any problems with the other models on a 0.5mm FoldaRap.
Anyway, just wanted to tell that I find your project awesome, and that I plan to print all the Pokemon you'll give me! :)
Also, I have a question: how do you create the models? What software do you use?

Thanks! I create the models with 3ds Max and taking measures from images I find in Google. As the designs are low-poly I don't need to make them perfect, the models just have to be similar.

is so nice! maybe we need to make each generation of the starter pokemon!

where did you get the turquoise filament from?

I don't have turquoise filament, it's just Photoshop. I originally printed the Totodile with nuclear green filament.

I've always loved Pokemon, so I appreciate what you're doing. This is so awesome!

This project just started, so you will have more and more Low-Poly Pokemon in the future!