Robot V

by SixWingedFreak Feb 11, 2019
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Now we need all the weird punk battle attachments from the sequel.

Nice one mate,

Starting to prints pieces in between other prints, it looks like it uses some hardware to assemble. Can you please list what screw sizes etc are required.

Do you know any other projects like this that require assembling after printing?


I have added a list of the screw sizes now.

Am trying to print that model, and come across problem.
The connection between chest and waist is really lose and looks not right to me, does suppose be like that ?
You can see the chest have square hole, but waist have ball joint.

I made a split ring 3MM thick and glued it to the model to take up the slack

I made even better solution

Yep, I am aware! That's just the way it is, sorry. I didn't design it, I just drew it as the real thing is.

Not important any more.
I made 2 part collar for that.
Also making changes to top chest and shoulders, so the parts will stay connected permanently but will be able to move.

For those of us that are a little new to printing, can you suggest/add to description, supports? layer height suggested, etc?

Sorry, I have no idea honestly. I've never printed it. I just drew it as-is from the real, injection-molded model kit. I already own the injection-molded version obviously so I never needed to print one. I only did this for preservation purposes in case they stopped making it.

hehe.. I'm going to scale this up to 1:1. JOHNNY 5 IS ALIVE!!!

Great model!

There's a guy on the facebook group (link in description) who did exactly that! It took him tons of filament and many months I recall. His name is Michael Hyatt.

I will print this and see just how movie accurate I can make it, Thanks.

Really like it! Can you please post an STL of the fully assembled model?

I'm afraid that would be a massive file, sorry. Plus it's hollow so it wouldn't print that great. There's not many parts so it shouldn't be difficult to put together.