Fursuit- or puppet-head base - version 62 - duck

by Tioh Feb 10, 2019
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Do you have a version without all the holes?

I have saved a version before I prepared the model for 3d-printing (NURBS-model of the outside surface, no hinge, ...). It would take some time to make a version without the holes. What do you want to do with the model?

I was going to use it for a macawber cosplay mask to go with my darkwing duck I have. There is a comicon coming up in August I'll be doing darkwing duck. My girl wants to do macawber. I tried a few free 3d model programs. but couldn't figure out how to close the holes myself.

But why would you want to close the holes? For costume use, those holes keep the weight down, add ventilation (and more heat can escape thru the backing of the fur) and give it more stability. I printed the mask without support-structure - it's not easier to print without the holes either.

This is my darkwing duck. It doesn't have any holes and I do just fine. I was going to use your mask so my girlfriend could do a Macawber to go with me. I won't be using fur.

Ok, I've added a version without holes (no inbuild hinge for the lower beak)

Are there instructions and/or specs with this model? I couldn't find any but I'd like to know if it needs supports and how the hinge for the jaw works, mostly what hardware is needed to put it together. I'm already trying this model with supports and saw someone did it without but I'm still curious as to how you did it, or intended it to be done. This will be my first 3D printed head base and I'd like to do it right.

I printed this model with a brim, without supports, 0.2mm layer height, 3 outer wall layers, 15% infill. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:609544
The jaw connects to the head with pegs - I make those by hand with Polycaprolactone.

Fursuit- or puppet-head base - version 62 - duck
by Tioh