Improved Battery Dispensers

by makingwithsteve Feb 11, 2019
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Will these drain the batteries? I read on other designs where PLA might act as a semiconductor and essentially drain all the batteries if this is used to hold them.

im actually not certain, ive never heard that before. We dont seem to have any issues with noticeable discharge yet and weve been using them for a few months. If youre concerned about it you could always paint the inside of the side panels to make them less conductive.

How many batteries does each hold?

hey boulwarek, the AA dispenser holds around 17 and the AAA dispenser holds around 25. I havent had either one to max capacity yet as i dont have that many batteries. These are just estimates, could be off by 1-2 batteries. In the future I may design a topper for these that allow you to extend their capacity.

I Might just be having A brain fart... idk. Where is the Left wall for both of them.

hey titanic7g, the side panels are mirror images of each other. Simply mirror the panel in your slicer and you get the panel for the other side. Let me know if that makes sense.

Ah. Thanks. It makes sense