Caliper box for "No Name" 150 mm Calipers with battery holder

by FuryfromBZH Feb 12, 2019
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Hi Thanks for the design, Print worked 1st time, no issues, Printed on a Prusai3MK3s, using PETG. Appreciate the time you put in designing and sharing.

Really glad this could be useful to you :)

Hello will this fit 200mm mitutoyo digital caliper

I don't know, is your 200mm mitutoyo caliper 150mm long?

Joke aside -> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2197233

Mitutoyo ABSOLUTE Digimatic Caliper 200mm case

Does this print fine for others? I haven't tried yet, but in the preview I notice that the outer perimeter of the 2nd layer prints in the air because the angle between the 1st and 2nd layers is too sharp.

Whoops, yep, rotate that part 180°.

The same problem occurs if you flip it 180 because the inside is filleted as well. Try chamfering at 45 degrees instead of a fillet to avoid the layers printing in air

The fillet printed very well for me and others as it's quite a small piece, but I can make you a chamfered version if you'd like.

Yes that would be good. Thanks!

FYI I won't be able to do that modification before at least two months (my computer is down), but you can still print it without problems.

Not so fun fact: these things lose preciseness the more you push it out. I measured over 1.5mm error from over 10cm measurements, measured with mitutoyo calipers.

Ok, mitutoyo costs ~150+€ but they are worth it if you are serious about modeling.

Unfortunately they are cheap for a reason. But they aren't all that unprecise, mine work great even if you can tell they are not built to last.

And I can not afford Mituyo for the moment :)

Just fiy this might be slightly too big for a lot of printers, i'll split it and upload the remix later if I get some time off

So what did you use to measure the caliper while making the design?

3d print a pair of calipers!

Behind that way too relevant question, there is a lot of pain.

Could you add a place to put the battery? Some (mine) keep sucking the battery even when its not in use so I always take it out.

You need Caliper Battery Saver https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1734129 - so, instead of losing an expensive battery, removed from the calipers when not in use, you can lose an easily replaceable battery protector during those short sessions while your caliper is in use.

Caliper Battery Saver

Tried that, even with 0.1 layers it's too big for my caliper.

Ok done, Hope you like it :)

It's done, I haven't checked if it fit perfectly or not yet but it should. It's in the lid, just two little spaces where you can block your LR44.
edit: as soon as my printer is done with its current job I'll test it.