Apex Legends Pack - Loot Box - Detachable

by Jonnyo85 Feb 14, 2019
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I made this for a friend. they gave me some money as gratitude, so i hit you up with a tip as contribution. thanks!
BTW them legs were a killer to print out~~ =)

Hey, thanks! Yeah the legs can be a bit of pain.

Do you have a file for the folded legs separately?
Printing the body with the folded legs in one go would be a very risky print.

I see you have the bodies without the legs already, so those will work perfectly.

Uploaded File: Leg_Folded_v3.stl

Thank you so much.

Lightning fast response and upload. :D

When i can i will. enjoy- ( though not tested it..)

Ah no, didnt thing of that!
I will see what i can do.

go on his twitch page and it says in his about me part I was raised with a DO IT YOURSELF attitude so I’m always working on random projects
and in his rules Try and be civil WTF part of DO IT YOURSELF attitude is nicking someones work and selling it . and what part of being civil is theft.
sorry about it dude i have had it done too with photoshop work so i know it sucks

Well some people hey, was just the fact that he did not ask and had images that were clearly parts from here and gaby13's model. Just not on.
seems some people are only out to make a quick buck. tbh the print quallity he was showing was not that good im surprised anyone would buy it.

Awesome model! Don't let these thieves discourage you from sharing your model, somebody made thousands off my Plumbus model as well, so I know the feeling. Watermark all your designs for the added level of hoops they must go through to try and rip you off.

Hey thanks!
Yeah i will have to think of something to discourage this.

How are you orienting the legs? Can you please send a gcode file? :)

Would suggest like something like this, with supports. as said have not had any time to print them.

I tried printing them the way you did and I also flipped them over and well I am having issues with the print no matter what side in cura I put on the bed the part that is touching the bed looks like crap. Was wondering if you ever try to print this and see how others printed it on the bed

Sorry you having quality issues, i cant really comment as i have not seen your results.

Generally you may loose detail with the face that is on the bed.
I have printed these now in many different orientations, each has there own draw backs and now that there are more legs it makes it difficult to say what way they should be printed,

One way is to print so knee in air with supports but as little contact to bed as pos, though this may cause stability issues while printing.
You just got to keep trying and find the best way that works for you.

Could use without the folded legs so you can print the legs separate and glue them in place. It was well received on reddit with a combination from another file on here.


Just uploaded 3 more bottom versions. one with nothing(No legs, hinges or center), one with just the center and one with center and Hinges.
Let me know how it goes!

Awesome! This will look even better now!

Ok yeah, I can sort that out so there is no legs at all.
(I should really get on and make the extended ones)
Nice print , thank you for sharing.

Consider how they will be printed when you make the legs. The other ones work from the other guys file, but it's a little difficult to remove support still.

Yes, unfortunately the legs are not that printer friendly!
but i will see what i can come up with. Idealy i want to make to movable, but looking at it, the main strut will be an isseue and may have to not include it.