Fluid Cup V1

by goddamnmaddog Feb 16, 2019
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Sorry, me again
I realised that my printer can only process STL files... Can you help me in both versions?
THANK YOU so much
I love you design

Perhaps try Cura or Slic3r. You can make presets for your printer easily and load a wild variety of file formats. (Youtube and Google are your friends learning them, but Cura is super easy, I have seen an 8-year-old girl using this software with a good result)

Also, you will have more control over the things your printer does. For example, I mentioned the cup won't fit without changes. In Cura there is a setting "Horizontal Expansion" which gives the possibility to fine-tune clearances. So helpful. I don't know how I would achieve this effect in SolidWorks, Fusion360, blender, etc. this easy.

I really can't imagine to put a 3D-File on an SD-Card and print it. (Although my printer would support that)

I envy you about the trust you put into machines :-D I can't do that. Don't watch "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Terminator", etc. lol

I notice: I wanted to write an excuse and that I am busy, but now I have written so much. lol. Sorry, still too busy. (lazy) but still I really can recommend Cura or Slic3r. Cura because it is so super easy, and Slic3r because you have so much control.

Congrats, I love it.
I'd like to alter it by separating the pot (i would make several grey one) and the paint (I would print them in all colours).
The "paint" would clip onto the pot...
Can you either do that splitting or give away files which with I could do the remix.?
Once again congrats.. it is great


I uploaded new files AND did a V2 already but I forgot uploading, thank you for "reminding" me :-D

ATTENTION the cup will not fit the fluid without changes!

Use a "horizontal expansion of -0.2 mm" in cura for the cup. The walls of the cup will get thinner and the cup fits into the groove it made into the flowing fluid :-D This works vor V2, PERHAPS also for V1.

Thank you for the new files. I'll start printing a fluid every time I change colour !
I'll post the makes when I have several, it'll look better !!
I might redesign a cup... I'll see
Congrats again