Minimalistic Ender 3 fan mount

by ThijsRico Feb 16, 2019
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I got the most epic sound from the fan duct today... was printing a part with a decreasing opening for a hole.

The size decrease was gradual enough that what started happening is the fan duct was passing air over the opening... it started as a low sound... almost a deep sigh... and gradually increased in pitch to a sharp whistle.

LMAO, it was driving my bonkers trying to narrow down the cause, I was thinking wheel bearing going, or some other catastrophic failure.

Fun times.

Still my favorite fan design, just thought I'd share. :)

I think I am the only one who have problem with reaching the switch with this mod? :/

The metal part of the carriage is supposed to contact the endstop. I'm not sure how you managed to get your carriage to go behind the endstop.

Just print a little l Bracket to trip switch.

I dont understand, its is 9cm long? where do I attach this?

I was showing you what you could make and attach to roller nut to fix the issue. Im not the creator of the main file stl but something like what I shared would correct issue. If you cant make the model i could build one with correct numbers but im not using that setup atm. In all actuality your hotend backplate with wheels attached should be hitting endstop and tripping it iI think you have something not assembled right.

didnt fit my ender 3 screws, did i need some other?

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Very good support that takes a lot of weight off the Z axis, the only problem is that the ventilation fan of the layer fan does not print well because it has small notches, to fix it well files those notches (I do not recommend it) or print this piece :


Fan Duct that fits new stock Ender 3 fan

This deserves way more attention. Love the simple/minimal design, printed well first attempt and everything went together about as well as you can expect for 3d prints.

Fan fit was a little tight, and I had to embiggen the two holes that screw into the chassis for the hotend, but other than that it seems to work great!

Do you need any extra hardware?

Need this on ender 5 with 5150 fan

Printed this in Cura but the walls were empty and thin and the whole thing broke on the touch. Can anyone share their Cura specs for printing this with PLA with 0.4mm extruder?

Sounds like you need to increase you walls.

Hi there, what screws do I need to secure the fan duct to main body? Thanks.

Hello, I would really like to print this design, I am running a TH3D ezable mini pro. My question is, the offsets you provide for the ezabl are they the same for the ezabl mini? I am still fairly new to printing and do not understand completely the offsets. Thank you for your time.

I am not familiar with every type of inductive probe but, if the probe is a cilinder that fits (centered) in the mounting hole, the centers of every probe type should allign and thus have the same offset from the nozzle.

That is exactly what I was wanting to know. Tthe ezable mini pro is mounted to the same stock mount as the ezabl with adapter washers so the center would be in the exact same spot.. thank you very much.

Does this need scaling? the mounting screw holes are m1 (needs M3) and the cooling fan doesn't fit the mount (too large). Thin walls failed on the first print, I didn't read the instructions and printed with no brim, worked perfectly with it ;)

It's a good design, pity the holes are too small.

The mounting holes were supposed to come out at approx. 2.5mm such that a m3 screw fits in tight, but I've heard from some people that the holes may come out smaller than intended.
I would advise using a drill, reamer or knife to carefully enlarge the hole. Better too tight than too loose I think.

Great job man! Great looking/practical thing. I do appreciate the amount of work you put in this beast ;)

i love this fan duct set up from the day 1 when u released it . i was wondering if you have a 5015 version and also can you make the wall thicker on the other side (wire side )?

Still interested in a 5015 mount? If so, seeing as I would like it as well, I could give modifying the design to fit a go!

Both are on the to do list. Some things have taken priority over hobby cad-design until the first of july though.

ThijsRico, are you still working on the updated version?

I've had to put hobby cad-design on hold for now, I will come back to it in july.

does it gives more silence to my Fan's ? or is it just an optical thing ?

Maybe the part cooling fan is slightly quieter but I'm not sure. The purpose of this mod is to more easily see the nozzle and to better direct air toward the nozzle.

Tricky print on the fan shroud...

First failed due to support getting knocked over (Cura experimental tree).

Finally found a winning plan by printing with the 4 fan holes down. then the only support required is for the large mounting area - easily cleaned with sandpaper.

u dont need support for it.

Awesome design, thanks for the upload! Fits perfectly and an easy print!

i just remixed a tablet wall mount and added this connection.

i thought it could be a good idea for the duct mount to avoid the screws.

the screws annoys me cuz they are so large.

i also added 2mm holes to put in a piece of filament to secure the connection like a splint.


Hello, i add a remix of this mount to try to solve the issue of the right wall. it's work fine for me. I haven't alreary assemble this object i'm sure it will work fine.

Great build. I added a fan cover from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3097660 to keep junk out of the hotend fan

40mm Fan Grill - Trypophobia
by sirxaph

Is the 5015 version available?

Working on it. It's taking longer because I am making a 5015 version of the updated fan duct instead of the old one.

Hope your finished your exams with positive results.

Any info when you update the new files.

Altering the complex shape of the fan duct turns out to be a lot of hassle, I am considering re-designing the whole duct as that might be quicker than working with what I've got now.

So the update is that I'm working on it.

Take your time to redesign without any pressure. We can wait a couple of days more ... Thank you for feedback.

Waiting on the 5015 version - looks like an excellent design!

I made a simple but not clean mod to increase air flow while directing the air flow up instead of the bottom. I print it in ABS and it's working so far. I use a all metal hot end. Will test it more soon with nylon since it need to have no air flow at all for better layer adhesion.

Thanks for sharing! I will fix the issue in the next version.

Would you share your new mod? I'd like to try it.

I printed it in ABS with support everywhere. I didn't plan to be no support. I wish a quick mod ready to use. All credit to the creator ROVThijs

Thanks! I printed it and turned out very good. I used PLA though cause I ran out of PETG. The duct is PETG. Do you thing the PLA Base would be a problem?

It may deform over time with PLA so I suggest to take a look at it often. I printed the bulleye duct fant in PLA (way to big for nothing) and the parts has melt down when I start to print high temperature stuff at 260 or more.

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After printing 2 other most popular cooling assemblies I decided to check this out. And IMHO it is the most effective one with stock fan (I suppose because of quite even tunnels, which makes them effective with low static pressure fans). Can't wait for a 5015 version and would gladly test a 4020 one (or maybe an additional adapter...?).

The hot-end assembly from the other hand is't so effective. Maybe it should be opened a little bit on the back to let the air escape?

Great and effective project. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback! Yes I am planning on modifying the hot end mount to prevent air from flowing over the heater block and instead direct it upwards.

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So many requests in here!

I just want to say thank you for including the Fusion 360 project file, it is my first time with CAD/CAM and it is awesome to start by modifying your design.

Good luck with your exams

Any change you can add this to the design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2651655


I am anxiously waiting for the updated version. I think this is one of the best duct designs for the Ender 3. I printed the original design but since reading that there will be an updated version I haven't installed it yet.

anyone tried to print this with PETG?

Just did it with PETG and I'm pleased with it. However, the mounting for endoscope is 70mm and my endoscope is 86mm wide it doesn't fit. Can you make variation with different size or turn it into universal mounting like half circle with a couple of small hole to run zip ties thru to hold down endoscope instead of C shape snapped in?

Zip ties for the endoscope are a good idea and I will probably implement this, thanks for your suggestion!

Do you know if it's compatible with the Micro Swiss all-metal hotend?

You will have to trim the base part with flush cutter to fit the square part that is rounded in the original. This upgrade allow me to print nylon at 260 with incredible quality. Before that, I had many issues with layer adhesion. I think the air flow from the hotend fan in the original setup of the ender 3 was the reason since it blow everywhere.

Only one issue that I see, there is a restriction of the air flow on the hotend since the air can escape only through the fins of the hotend wich is much less than what was intended for the fan. Still, I'm more than happy to use it. It's quieter as well.

I am curious how you are generating the different permutations of STL files from your single Fusion file. I've been exploring the design in Fusion from your f3z file and can't figure out how to remove the endoscope mount aside from editing the series of features in the timeline directly. Is that what you are doing each time you need to generate new STL files? or do you have multiple f3z files that you are working from?


The fusion archive that is currently available for downloading is out of date, it only contains the endoscope + bltouch mount I believe. In my first attempt I made multiple files for every type of mount. This was the incorrect approach and during the re-design I went back to a single file with multiple bodies. I copied and modified a single body into all the different versions, so every version can be edited simultaniously by rolling back the history marker or each body can be edited individually by adding to the end of the design history.

I will also upload this new fusion archive when I put the updated designs online.

That sounds great. Thank you! By the way you can share a public link to your Fusion designs directly from Fusion (right-click on the design in your project view and click "Share Public Link"). Then you don't have to save-as and upload separate files when things change.

Share public link would only allow people to download the most recent version right? No editing in the original file?

I believe so, yes. There are options to set a password as well. I'm pretty sure the only way for others to edit your designs is if you invite their Autodesk account to your project and give them edit permissions. This is how teams usually work together on designs within a company.

Thanks, I will use this.

Any idea yet on when the new version will be available?

I do not have a lot of time to work on it but I hope I am able to finish it this weekend.

Hi, first things first: great design, simple and elegant :)
I love the idea of adding an endoscope camera! However, the HD camera I found is 8mm in diameter. Any chance of increasing the diameter of the camera holder to this? (I'm particularly interested in the BL touch version).
Thanks a lot!

I will keep the diameter as is but in the new fusion archive it will be trivial to modify this parameter. Keep an eye out for the new files, I will upload them soon.

If you don't have or are not familiar with fusion at all I could upload an 8mm version for you when the new designs are finished.

Thanks a lot for the reply. I'll give it a shot in Fusion.

I see the same problem. Not enough openings for the heat sink fan. I wonder if drilling some holes into the main duct on the sides would allow some of the air to flow better for cooling the heat sink. It would also stop some of the back flow from going into the nozzle.

Seems that you need to improve air flow after cold end. Now it is don't have enough space to flow out (fan working with more load but should work almost without load) and air flows partially to nozzle, but should be directed to sides and top. In This way you will be able to print with ABS without using enclosure.

Thanks for your feedback! I think this can be implemented without any mayor alterations in the design so I will include it in the next version.

I have printed this and I really like the design but am having slight problems with the strength of the duct. Main body is fine but the duct has snapped a couple of times even if I increase infill and print resolution

Snapped during installation or during use? Where did it break?
I designed the duct to be printed with two walls, infill should not factor into the strength of the part.
Higher resolution does not necessarily result in a stronger part. If you want stronger prints you should print at a higher temperature or increase the shell thickness. I printed at 198 degrees and the part is once again designed for two walls from a 0.4mm nozzle. You can even disable fill thin gaps to drastically reduce print time.

The part should snap into place with only slight pressure.

I think the first time I was a bit heavy handed with fitting it but second time it was after use (same place on one of the fan ducts). I print at 210 degrees with 6 walls and 0.4mm nozzle but I had layer height at 0.12 so I think the walls came out thinner than you specified so I will try with thicker layer height.

How far away is the 5015 version? Just curious :-)

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Somewhere between the 19th and 24th I think, I have some time to design the part in that time period.

Yeah I unfortunately did not have enough time to finish the design before my exams. I will finish them after they are done, two weeks from now.

Ah good to know, thanks a lot! Looking forward to installing my new fans.

Good luck at the exams!

Only two more days til the 5015 version, yay! :-D

Sounds great.. looking forward to test it out :-) - good work BYW ;-)

I note you added models for the base with ABL mounts with or without endoscopic mount, but there seems to be no base without ABL and with endoscopic mount. There is only a mount without ABL and without endoscopic mount. Any chance you can add that one?

I forgot about that combination, you're the first to ask. I will add one!

Cool, thank you very much.

My clone bltouch is too long so had to break off one side and mount on top. Is it possible to create another one with a higher bltouch mount? My endoscope plug and play with OctoPrint so I can see the camera directly in OctoPrint.

I don't really want to add another file for bltouch clones, but I have an idea to accommodate both sensors with one design. Thanks for your suggestion!

How are you fixing the right side to the extruded bracket as mine seems flimsy? I have hot glued it but still the same?

Can you elaborate with what you meant by extruded bracket?

Sorry i meant the right side of the mount, does it just rest up against the plate? I really like this but when I am printing small items it does shake a lot and I fear that it may cause problems in my prints.

the right side if the mount is not meant to be attached to the plate. Is the whole fan mount shaking during small fast movements?

I have printed two of these and they work great. But i have also noticed the same problem what the other person has said. Both have become very lose/wobbly during fast movements. Right hand side could do with some sort of modification that it clips on to back plate somehow.

Hi, your design is excellent - minimalistic, easy to print and without using support ... my congrats! Regarding right mount side, what do you think by adding part to the right side like is on the picture. It can be aligned to the plate end to enable placing a clip. This clip will have groove that will attach right side with bottom plate to eliminate shaking ... In whole, this small addon will not affect printing difficulty while printing clip can be optional. Anyway thank you very much for this nice model.

Thank you!
Yeah I was thinking of adding something like this, my own mount has come slightly out of alignment as well.

The best part of this design is simplicity - only few parts, special tweaking on Cura/Slic3r is not needed and printing doesn't last long. With small improvements like this, design can be only better and better ... Thank you!

Hi yes it does vibrate through small, fast movements

if someone is looking for a z offset to start with for bltouch

Probe Z Offset: -1.62

since its a fixed mount, it should almost be the same. default 0.4 nozzle

think about a name pls, if some1 ask i dont want to write "Ender 3 fan mount, stock parts, no support, bltouch, endoscope camera".

it will also gain more popularity with a name (Y)

good job, thanks for sharing.

Ps: ducts could still be 1-2mm deeper, its blowing against the silicon sock and not possible to adjust the height.

Good idea, any suggestions?
I'll look into improving the fan duct further

a new name? good idea :)

hmm, comparing your solution for example with bullseye i have do think about a prima ballerina:
Slim and elegant...
@stefanbergh: i am using it on an ender 5 ;)

Yes, great design and it really deserve a proper name :) "The Ender 3 Slim duct" ;)
I also have the problem whit it being just a tad to short. And also how to get it assembled, one of the duck arms broke of trying to get it on with the fans mounted. It would be great if it was possible to reach the upper screw that´s holding it to the carriage with the duct mounted. and also a cable hook or something to hold the wires :)

Comments deleted.

im sorry i dont have one :D

but i just got a new idea for a led strip mount which gets plugged in the endoscope holder

What kind of fan do i need for the cooling duct? This snaps together very nice BTW, Im learning cad, getting there!

I designed this to be used with the stock fan. Thanks!

what diameter camera does it support? on Ebay I see 5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm

I designed this for a 7.4mm camera, I fixed my camera in place with a dab of hot glue because the clamp loosens over time I experienced.

Thanks for this, I got my first 3D printer less than 3 weeks ago, I had printed the vent ring first then saw your design and printed that , since putting on your design fan mount my prints have got much better.

Cheers for sharing

As i wrote in my 'make' i printed this thing and mounted it on my ender-5.

Great solution, i love it.

One problem:
On the left side of the most left screw the mounting end of the X-belt is disturbing.
I cutted it out and it fits now.
See my attatched foto (yellow my cutout, blue my proposal for a possible solution fitting on E3 and E5)

Thank you for sharing this thing.

Thanks for the picture, it is very clear. I will include a version for the ender 5 based on this

Trying to upload but thingiverse is being difficult.

Love you design. Are you also planning for making it fit with a e3D V6.

I'm not currently planning on it. I have included the fusion360 archive so you can edit the design to your hearts content!

What kind of screws do I need to mount the two pieces together?

2x m3x20mm, glue would also work in a pinch.

what camera You use? connected to RPi? or something else..

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The one I bought works well with PRi. Plug and play.

Do you have a link to the one used?

I use a generic cheap USB endoscope I picked up at the Action store in the Netherlands. There are tons of similar cameras on aliexpress though.

For now it's just connected to my computer via USB, might work out something more elegant in the future.

Hoi ROVThijs,

Even paar vragen over de endoscope van de Action.
-Past die in de houder?
-Is het snoer flexibel, of moest je nog wat aanpassen
-Werkt de endoscope met de Raspberry?

Currently printing this as I type. I did modify the main fan body to remove the camera mount and bltouch mount. I also added another support in the area of the bltouch. I do recommend printing the body with a brim so the right side stays in place on the bed. My first print that i stoped was pealing off the bed. The brim kept it in place.

Very nice! I also experienced the necessity of a brim. I included it in the print settings but I will also put it in the main summary.
Please share your results!

Now that the body is printed I am in the process of assembly and noticed one thing so far. the main fan holes are like .1mm to big. My screws slide right in. I would have tried M4's but don't have any. So trying Gorilla glue as a form of lock tight.

Edit: Gorilla Glue didn't work but hot glue gun has so far

I pulled in the holes 0.2mm, so al the holes now have a diameter of 2.6mm. That should provide much better grip without being too tight. Thanks for helping me fix this.

Thanks for your feedback. I did not have this issue, did any of the other holes come out too big? The main fan holes are dimensioned at 3mm diameter. I could pull them in a little.

The holes for the M3x20 threaded in. I didn't need a nut on the other end. The opening for the cooling fan worked fine other than i had to remove the peace that slides inside the fan. It was to wide for my fan, the short side that is. The long side seamed to fit but since I removed it from the print I couldn't test that.

Thanks for the information. Yeah I remember now, those holes for the m3x20 on the duct I already reduced in size to 2.6mm, just forgot to do the 40mm fan holes at first.

My radial fan was pretty much a press fit in the cooling duct, so I think your experience was the same as mine for that part.

Looks great, can't wait to print it!

It's ready to print!