Dyson V10/V8/V7 Accessory Mount/Holder V2

by BoothyBoothy Feb 17, 2019
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Can anyone tell me what files I should actually print??? Zip file has a pile of ascii, binary, inspected filenames which contradict v1, v2, v3....! Simple instructions in the description would be great!

Hi alphabeta77, I had uploaded a series of modified files because someone was having a problem printing them, it appears that their slicer software may have been irregular or at fault. I have just removed all variations and left only the original intended uploads. Therefore please download the current set and ignore your previous downloads. The V1 \V2 numbers are relevant to the retention clip being the same has the V1 version and therefore left has same status all the rest are V2. The comments below your own explain the additional files uploads and the reasons why they may have been necessary. I always inset an update note and description to newer files in the thing description as per this thing. Apologies for any confusion. Best Boothy

Excellent - got it now! ;)

I think there's a problem with the files the red collar or the red push button because I can't slice them it's just stuck. Never happened to me before

There does appear to be some issues with Self intersecting faces on the retention clip, I have not picked it before because it sliced well in S3D. I will address and upload another file later. Best Boothy

No, this is actually the only working file there.
The rest are seem to be corrupt
bridge collar, connection collar and node collar are not able to slice at all not even separately.
Have you tried downloading the files from thingiverse and slicing? maybe the ones you have on your computer are just fine and it uploaded badly.

How strange, I will re upload again them see how you get on, what happens in S3D ? does it just freeze, can you get to the print screen ? Can you get the models to import ?

I am able to import them just fine, when I hit prepare to print it's stuck on the same screen with the line at the bottom says "calculating infill" with the bar at half for ever
my SPU is at the roof at this point and it just stays like that until I force quit s3d

I have just re uploaded all files to version V3 - direct output from Fusion, I have also included both Binary & ASCII versions to see if that makes a difference. Which version of S3D are you using out of interest. Best Boothy

I just tried the new versions both binary and ASCII they have the exact same issue. The only one that is working is the retention clip on both versions.
I am using S3D 4.0.0 on a macbook pro

Just for comparison I am able to slice the V1 of your previous design with the screws just fine, everything is working perfectly fine.
This new one is a no go and it looks so good I really want it to work

I have just added a test file to this comment which I have just inspected in meshmixer, can you see if it works

Yes! this one works

Just uploaded inspected files to thing, you are working me hard :) Best Boothy

I am able to slice connection collar and retention clip just fine.
Node collar, bridge collar are still not working I even thought of importing them into tinkercad and exporting hoping it would fix the problem but these 2 are not even able to be imported to tinkercad it's just stuck uploading I really think these have 2 issues

I have uploaded a version 4 of my Pill Box design, can you see if you can download and slice one of those files ?

Some give the same issue like lid v4 and some do work.
If it was a problem with my version of s3d it wouldn't have given issues uploading to tinkercad

I cannot see any legitimate reason for not trying upgrading to the latest version of S3Dto see if the models slice has they do for me. You can always downgrade again.

I am currently printing all of the files on 2 different printers sliced with cura and it's all good.
I'll post a make when I'm done thank you for everything!

Oh I am glad that`s sorted, it was worrying me, I will monitor if anyone else as any problems, thanks again for your patience and testing of other models. If there are model issues, I can only think Autodesk has tweaked something in a recent Fusion update, I have modelled and saved STL in the same way has all previous files. Look forward to seeing the make. Best Boothy

I am not sure what more I can do or know what to do has the downloaded files work fine for me. I do not have the want or the time to remodel them all. I am PC based so may be an OS issue? Can you try downloading the latest version of S3D to see if this resolves the issue. The only other user issues I have had were buggy S3d versions. Best Boothy

You're the best! Thank you!

Do you have meshmixer installed ? Can you inspect the other files ?If not its free and well worth it.

Great minds, I was just about to suggest that ! I have just downloaded my own V2 files and they go through to print screen fine, no problems at all. Have you changed or imported a new FFF profile at all ? Did you you use the same profile for the successful V1 imports ? FYI i am using S3D V4.1.1 Best Boothy

I have just added a test file to this comment which I have just inspected in meshmixer, can you see if it works

I have repeatedly sliced these with Simplyfy 3D with no problems, which slicer are you using ? Your comment suggests you are slicing both together, have you tried slicing separately ? The models were produced totally in Fusion 360 which has a really robust STL export and equally I have never had any geometry problems with production from Fusion to date. When you say stuck do you mean the slicer has frozen ? Have you tried again after a restart ? I will have another look later at the file for good measure. Best Boothy

I'm also using S3D.
I tried multiple times slicing many other STL files and your files are the only ones that require me to force quit S3D when ever I'm slicing some files in that folder.
This is so weird. I've been using s3D for 2 years and it never happened to me before. Maybe something went wrong when you uploaded the files? try downloading them from thingiverse and slicing