Ender 3 LCD Cover Octopi Station

by jlmpenedo Feb 17, 2019
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Hi, the Ender_3_LCD_Cover_Octopi_Station_4.zip file seems to have something that is not the enclosure. The zip file for the RAIL option does have it but this one does not, would it be possible to get that version?

I too am looking to modify this design to be stand alone instead of tied to the printer 4040 rails.

Hi. Did you tried to download just the stl flie? (from Things file)

Would be great to have something standalone like https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3631413/ with a removable Pi shelf and the Ender styling

Ender 3 External Electronics Case
by MrClown

Hi. Thanks for your ideia. I just released a new thing, just like your comment. Check it out! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3789275

Control Box Ender3 MKS GEN L & Raspberry Pi

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I'm working on it. Your idea to make it stand alone.

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hello! this idea is great!
I wold love to see a full box version with mount for the original display to fix at the left side of the printer... it wold be great having the pi and the screen next to the board with minimal cable exposure :D
Maybe a version with side mount like this (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3313967) ? it wold allow it to mount at the left side...

TAKAYUKI MANO Ender3 ControlBox

Hi. Thanks for your ideia. I just released a new thing, just like your comment. Check it out! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3789275

Control Box Ender3 MKS GEN L & Raspberry Pi

cool! let me check it out!

This took about 24hrs to print using conical supports...came out great but lost a few vents taking the supports off... the only thing I can suggest is making the bottom floor solid and more material between the vents other than that I really like it thanks for the download

Hi. Your print is very good. Thanks for share it.

You really need to make the RpI part an insert.. It was a pain in the ass to remove the supports that hold it and i even had to remove the whole hexagonal floor for it afterwards to get in the top right corner. Also the Text needs to be a little bit deeper like the logos.

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Thanks for your comments. I will improve this version with your ideias.

You can also try to do this with tinkercad.com. It is really simple. Thanks

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question? did you just glue in the xt60 connectors or is it made for some screw in types? Have a link for them? Also, any chance in getting the obj file to edit?

I used some glue in the connectors.You can use the stl file in the tinkercad.com to edit it.Thanks

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Yes. I'll try to make a version with no supports. I just need some free time to do it.

It's really not possible without it, maybe on the XT60 Connectors yes.. But it's not possible todo everything in a 60 degree angle.. On the other end.. I think it would help if you put some directly under both sides that hold the Display. And also on the backside on top of the xt60 connectors, this way you have build in support that does'nt ruin the design, but is printable with less support.

I think it would work (and look) better if you put the USB Slots on the left side, this way someone can use a short 30cm cable and you don't have the bulgy USB A Plug with the cable sticking out on the right side.

Nice idea. I made it thinks about a right angle usb cable. I will try to do this on the next version. Thanks


est ce qu'un cable ruban pour pi cam a ete envisagé ?
peut on faire passer le fil du cable d'alimentation prise du raspberry ?


I used the same slot for both LCD ribbon cable e PI camera.

is there anyway you can edit this to remove the honey comb bottom floor? and just make it a solid floor

Yes, there is. You can edit it at tinkercad.com

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Do you power your RPi directly to some pins from the other available LCF connector ?
If well which one and how (detail and schema should be appreciated).

Thank you.

I'm using a buck converter

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Thanks for designing this. I painted it black with satin clear topcoat to match the Ender ( I didn’t have black filament). The bottom corners curled up a little bit - I’m not sure why, I’m new at this (any tips appreciated). I too wish the Pi shelf was an insert so it could’ve printed faster. But I can’t complain because you saved me some design time ;)

can you share a picture off the back side pls?

Nice, share some pictures with us. Thanks

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Hi. I am new to this and I received my "Ender 3" a few weeks ago. The installation was easy for you?

Yes, it was. There are some vídeos at YouTube.

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Hi there, first of all thanks for the effort at building this: I had a similar idea but is nice to know someone did it first! :)

Then a few personal suggestions that I believe would make it easier to print and cheaper on plastics:

  1. bottom grid: make those a tiny bit thicker as they are quite fragile
  2. raspberry plate: have it as a separate element with a simple snap fit mechanism so that no supports are needed in hard to reach places and print is much faster;
  3. power sockets: rotate them by 90° so that bridging is easier.

What do you think?

Should I make a remix or you have plans to improve by using these ideas?


It would be nice if you remix it, it is fun. I use tinkercad. i will try to make some improvments... I just need some time to do it. Thanks

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Good design.
Can you add an sd adapter on the no rail block version ?

I dont have any sd card adapter to model... Sorry

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What program did you use to make changes? I would like to move the raspberry pi to the bottom with the usb going out the back.

i use Tinkercad. Very easy to use. About the pi location, i had the same idea, but i want to have usb easy access. I'm using right angle cables, so it isn't a issue to me. I left the bottom free to the buck converters.

did you remove the logos from the first version?

Yes, but i will bring it back. I had no time to work on it this week. Sorry.

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Great design!!
Would it be possible to get an open 3D file such as OBJ or iges? would love to edit the enclosure to my needs.

I'll try, but I'm New on this world. I'm using tinkercad to design.

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That would be really great! Let me know!

check the new version. added a obj files

Great idea -- have you printed it? If so, did you use supports?

I printer the version, but only the pi Place. About supports, I think that you will need to use them.

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I mean, I printed the first version. Just checking if the raspberry would fit ok and that is perfect.

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Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I've remixed it a bit for my needs but the idea is awesome. Have a good one.

share with us your remix

I like the idea of this design as well. One suggestion would be to not cover the rail on the left of the screw holes (when looking at it from the front), as those get used for other things (storage bins etc...). Great start though. Looking forward to being able to get a buck converter in there, too!

Hi. Good sugestion. I gonna think how to left the rail free. About the buck converter, i'm working on it right now. Thanks!

Is there a possibility for support of a MKS TFT28 screen on later version

I don't know, but it is already a thight space. I don't have this type of screen to test, but it is in my list to buy.

great design, maybe add small slot for pi camera's ribbon cable and mounting for camera as well.

Actually there is a place for ribbon cable in the bottom. The cable will pass under the structure, as the lcd cable. Thanks for the feedback.