Customizable MTG Magic The Gathering Commander Tray

by diy_Connect Feb 17, 2019
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So I’m apparently having a problem with the pin/wheel/holder here...the pin doesn’t want to fit into the wheel at all; I turned them to face up since printing a round object flat obviously doesn’t work, but even then it’s too thick to fit into the wheel. I mean I guess I can sand it down to eventually fit, but that’s still a bit of a pain in the butt to do (I was trying to be efficient and gave benefit of the doubt that things would just fit, so I printed all 8 I would need in one shot), unless someone knows how much X and Y should be shrunk by?

Problem 2 is, how the heck do you force the pin then into the holder? I don’t want to accidentally snap the holder or anything by trying to push the sides wide enough to fit it in, so it’s a bit disheartening that it’s so extra wide that it can’t fit easily. I almost think a better solution here (which I might do with a future one as I’ve alreay printed the damn things) is to modify and just open up the holes completely on the diss of the holder, then do 1 long rod that can fit through all of them instead of 1 small pin for each side.

Seems like a lot of negativity over a print that is mm in diameter and few mm in length. Even if printed "whole 8 of them" it's still few minutes and 10cm of filament, right ? :)
Some things are obvious, like you will need to rotate the pin upwards like you have said, or at an angle if you will print it on DLP
I can not know what you will use, and in the end, it's a 2 second adjustment. ;)
Pin itself is a relatively tight fit , and it should be as you don't want the counter spinning freely.
As it was downloaded many times and people have tested it, I would suggest looking at printer settings, to get as small "elephant foot" effect as possible, or just sanding those few layers down.
If your print is way off, you can always shrink the pin model by few %.
If I remember correctly (I don't have the model at hand right now) pin goes only half mm into the holder or so. You shouldn't supposed to be able to break the holder if it is printed in any reasonable quality filament with good settings.

Updated Counter holder works great. Thank you.

Counter wheel, and holder do not line up. Any suggestions?

Hi , what do you mean by them not line up?
You are supposed to print the holder, wheel and pin. Then put the pin in wheel and in a way force it to the holder so it snaps in place. Front of the holder has small arrows pointing on the number. That's somewhat general idea but at this point I haven't had the chance to print it so please send me some pictures if there's anything wrong and I'll adapt.

Posted a pic and better description under makes.

Hey!!! I just print it and the model is great! also the dies trays are perfect! they fit without anyproblems, is there anychance to put a tray for a d10 dice? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:483981 (here is the shape) I'll put photos tomorrow

Dice Holder

sure, why not. Please be so kind and post a "make" and please suggest anything that might be useful.