Catapult Inspired By Leonardo da Vinci

by ollie91297 Feb 18, 2019
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Thanks for sharing, this looks very well designed.

Thank you friend :)

Really cool thing to build, Im going to print the new version of the falcrum tomorrow :D

Looks great, glad you like it!

So i'm about half way through printing and picked up all the hardware from the store today. Wondering if you could clarifying something for me- I bout a 100mm M6 rod, but i'm now printing the front and back frame, and seeing they are 99mm long. So won't i need a longer M6 rod? Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi, thanks for your comment! The M6 rod doesn’t go all the way through the fulcrum. It goes in roughly half way and has to stick out from the a frame so you can mount the ratchet gear on it. You have to ensure that the rod screws into the fulcrum and cuts a thread into the plastic. Then attach a nut on the end face of the fulcrum to secure the rod to the fulcrum (so the two pieces act as one) this ensures the ratchet works properly. I may create some drawings at the weekend to alleviate any confusion. 100mm Long is plenty long enough for what you will need. I hope this helps!

This makes a lot of sense now. Thank you for clarifying!

No problem :)

Would look great if printed in a few different colors! Maybe using wood-infused filament for the stand and arm, and stick with grey/silver for the gears/wheels, ammo cup, etc. I may try this...

Someone has actually made one that looks like you are describing, have a look in the “makes” section. Thanks for the comment!

What's the best orientation to print the fulcrum?

Vertical with the circle at the bottom

Brilliant! great to see people enjoying it! Thanks for making it!

You nailed it ! Did you make some showcase video ?

video would be cool though. not necessarily for the assembly but to see how well it works and how far you can catapult stuff... :)

Nope, the assembly is pretty straight forward and finding out how it works is all part of the fun! Thanks for the comment

AWESOME !!!! Thanks for Sharing

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