JAL- Raspberry Pi 3B case - 2020 mount, 30mm fan.

by J741 Feb 18, 2019
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Nice case for RP 3B+. I made three of them. Top is friction fit which is all that's needed.
Here are some interesting CPU temp readings:
Room Temp 26.0°C
Open Case, no cover 52.1°C
Closed Case, no fan 52.6°C
Closed Case, 30mm fan 40.8°C

Heat sinks on 3 major chips. The readings are relative. No heavy processing was occurring at the time so all temp shown are acceptable.

Very nice case!
I'm going to print replacements for all my rpis
Would it be possible to have, in addition, a completely blank top cover? (No fins, holes etc)
That could make modding more convenient (I need to fit a 40x40 fan on at least one, pin access etc)
Cad is not an issue but I don't have a f360 (me -> linux) available and reversing it from scratch looks like a lot of duplicated effort

The lid is not able to be screwed onto the bottom. Or am i missing something ?

Correct, it is a friction-fit

Hi, very great design, however would you be so kind to develop a version suitable for an 40mm fan?
Unfortunately I'm not able to master any CAD program. Many thanks in advance!

thank you so very much for this case design. i now have a start in my design for a case that includes both a 2.4 inch touchscreen on top and a fan (or dual fan set up) on the bottom.
as with everything else i'm currently encountering i have no choice but to custom design a case for my Raspberry Pi as i need both the screen and fan(s) for the project that i'm working on.
i'm currently waiting on delivery of a 1 into 2 GPIO pin adapter for my Raspberry Pi before i can do anything more with case design. at this time i cannot use both my screen and fan at the same time and i'm hoping that the pin adapter will solve this minor issue but at the same time i'm sure that it will add additional thickness to the overall case design

I'm glad you like it. If you want to modify it, the CAD files can be downloaded from here: https://a360.co/2VwMGrz

i will be modifying it as soon as i understand exactly how to do so using CAD
its very nice design and so i'm sure it will be exactly what i need to move forward with electronic projects

you're welcome

Are the wider slots around the fan holes able to take the camera ribbon cable?

Yes, that is specifically what they were designed for.

Came for this, thanks :D

you're welcome

Nice! Printed and fits the 3B+

Fits my 3b perfectly. However, I don't have room for the short protection sheet due to having a heat sink on that side. Theoretically it should be fine still, as it keeps it raised up enough. Planning on remixing the fan cover portion with a design or three! Thank you for the case design!

I'm glad you like it; and yes, re-mix to your hearts content. I am curious to know why, and where, you'd put a heat sink on the underside.

The kit that I received with my raspberry pi had three heat sinks, two on top and one on bottom. I've attached a photo of where the one on the bottom goes.

Ah, OK. I also ordered a heat-sink kit online but it came with no instructions, and included 2 heat-sinks and a thin copper block; this must be where the thin copper block is meant to go. Thank you. I'll try mine and see what adjustments may be needed for the bottom.

The one I have is similar to (but not exactly the same as) this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/GorillaPi-Raspberry-aluminium-Significant-Advantage/dp/B01FY9196K

This is the kit I got, though the case has changed slightly since I got it: Smraza Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Case with Fan and Aluminum Heatsinks for Pi 3 Model b+, 3b Plus, 3 Model B 2B (Fit for Pi 3B+) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CG78LNG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_O.wOCbWFYRNKG

Awesome case. Fits a 3B+ perfectly.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

I love this design! Could you make two other top options? One deleting the vent holes above the I/O and one raising the top about 15-20 mm so a HAT could be put inside the case as well? On the first one a HAT riser could be plugged in to bring the I/O out of the top. These connectors are cheap. Making this a thing in TinkerCAD coupld be another idea. Thanks for sharing!

@k4rjj, I am glad you like it.

As for design changes to accommodate a HAT or TinkerCAD, neither of those are items I have, use, or know. Therefore, I probably won't be looking into them any time soon. But, as far as I am aware, most CAD programs should be able to import other file formats, and I have shared the CAD design in two very common CAD file formats (STEP and IGES), so please feel free to use any CAD tools with which you are familiar, and remix my design as you see fit.

Thanks very much!!