Legacy Dragon Dagger Stand V2 - Legacy Morpher Mount Option

by jamesmay4847 Feb 19, 2019
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I would love if you could make a display for the morpher and all 12 of the coins! :3 The 5 Mighty Morphin coins, Dragon coin, the 5 Ninja coins and the White Tiger coin with a slot for the morpher. :3 Maybe as a hang-able case with a slot to slide a pane of glass or epoxy into. :3

That is a good idea! I’ll see about making a stand for sure, but making it wall hangable and having a glass front is not really in my wheelhouse. I suppose someone might be able to remix it later for you, but I would just put the stand inside a shadow box and mount that. Give my account a follow and I will try to get what you requested posted up in the next week or two. I’ll likely make two variants - one with six coins and a second with 12.

Any updates on this project?

Well I'm having some creative block, but so far I've got the top smoothed out and two notches down in the bottom left and right sides of each leg. So far, it'll hold 3 coins (bottom left leg, bottom right leg, center where the morpher goes).

The notches in the top I'm considering designing a holder that slides in and bridges the two towers. That piece could hold the remaining 9 coins in 2 rows: I'm thinking 5 on the top row, 4 on the bottom row - think of it as the olympic logo only with a top row of 5 instead of 3 and bottom row of 4 instead of 2.

I dunno. Let me know what you think. It's not too late to scrap it altogether. lol

Still struggling with the design, or did you decide to scrap the idea?

I’ve not really had time to sit down and work out the top row. The coin base mounts aren’t standard in that there is a lip and a gradual curve, so until I have time to work out how to copy and past a single design 10 times or have time to manually draw each one it’s still “in the works.”

Also I had a question for you. Why 12 and not 13? The ninja coins number 6, but the original number 7 (original five + green + white).

There are only 12 coins. Ninja coins are the normal 5(red, blue, black, yellow, pink) then white. The MMPR coins are the normal 5(red, blue, black, yellow, pink) and green. So in total 12 coins.

Except when they transitioned to thunderzords they had they white tiger coin (Season 2), which became the falcon for the ninja coins. Original 5 + dragon coin + white tiger coin, then the 6 ninja coins (falcon coin included).

I've actually never seen a diecast of the Falcon Coin.

They are rare, but they do exist. I picked up this white / white set from Toys R Us much like the green / white morpher combo from GameStop.

Maybe a variation for 10(two rows of 5) and a variation for 11( one row of 5 and another row of 6) for the top half then.

Sounds good to me. I had a new idea on how to make the coin holders much simpler for the top rack, but it’ll still be a while before I have time to complete it. Hoping to have some time next Tuesday to sit down and knock it out.

Fair warning: my printer is down so these new designs will be untested. Print at your own risk. :)

I'll let you know how they turn out then. :)

It's a good day for you! I need to run them through some repair utilities to clean up some broken geometry, but this is basically what will be posted in short order.

Files 1 and 2 show the circles drawn that represent the coins. As you can see in order to fit 5 per row and stay within a 200mm print bed, I had to have the edge coins overhang. This shouldn't be an issue, as enough of the coin is supported to remain in place.

Legacy Morpher Stand - 12 (or 13) Coin Mount Option

What do you think?

Hmmmm. I think that might work? The bottom two I suppose would be more-so for the green and white power coins. Maybe make another variant with 5 on the top row and 5 on the bottom row in case someone might not want the morpher to house one of the coins for symmetry's sake?

Fantastic! I didn't really mean it as a request, more like a "Hey this would be pretty cool!" XD