Filament Spool Gauge

by MikeZets Feb 20, 2019
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can you make on the side or on the backside an indicator to identify if a roll fits to the gauge ?

As I said in the original description "It was designed for Hatchbox 1 Kg Spools but will work on any spool with a 200mm outside diameter and an 80mm diameter core which is pretty much the industry standard." A quick measurement of the diameters of your spool will tell you if this will work or not. It is not meant to be extremely accurate but rather, as a better guide to how much remains on the spool than me or you guessing by just looking. If your spool is ABOUT the same size (200 x 80), this gauge will give good readings with modest accuracy.

As many have said on the "3D Printing Useful Things!" Facebook group, if you want real accuracy, then weigh the spool with a digital scale when it is new and again before each use.

I do not wish to modify the back with text because that is the side printed on the bed and I wish it to be smooth. Printing anything on the edge will slow down the print. Why not just write the size on the back with a felt tip marking pen?

i think you missunderstood me.
the idea was to take the tool and hold it on the spool and be able to check directly if its fit for this kind of spool, without taking another tool and measure the spool before.

Yes. I did misunderstand you. I apologize. But I believe you do not have a good understanding of the extent of the problem. There are more variations of spool sizes than there are manufacturers of filament. This gauge is designed for a 200mm outer diameter, an 80mm inner diameter with a 60mm inside width. This is the size of my Hatchbox spools and is close to that used by eSun and Reprap as well. If you have a spool close to those dimensions, this gauge will work (approximately). If not, you will have to do your own math. You are free to remix the gauge on Thingiverse to suit your needs. I used Timkercad to design the original.

There are tons of spool sizes around and I see no way of designing a SIMPLE universal gauge at this time. (see Photo)

I slice in IdeaMaker and I gave a complete list of settings on the Thingiverse page. If I were you, I would try a different slicer.

I had no problem with the text being legible and at least one other member of the Useful Things FB group printed it without issue. Perhaps you should try a finer resolution. I printed at 0.12 layer height. If you are set at 0.2 (common in some slicers) you may find that the print is missing.

lettering did not come out on my print (tevo tornado)

I really like this design, But nothing I've changed seems to keep the lettering legible.
Even in Cura it shows exactly what is printed And I did follow your shared settings.

Check out my remix. That one should work out just fine for you.

This is really pretty great. Thanks for the design :)

You're Welcome. I had fun designing it. AND... It's so simple and useful. Enjoy!