Anycubic I3 Mega - PSU Cover NOCTUA 60x25

by wolwin_de Feb 21, 2019
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One more thing. Do I need any extra cables/connectors to wire it all? Or do I just need to reconnect existing wires and use what comes with noctua fans? Thanks

PS changing skirt lines worked :)

Hi, please see (new) pic 14 - first in the line I used the low noise adaptor NA-RC10 from the 60x25 kit - then I used the NA-AC2 3:2 pin adaptor cable from the 40x10 kit from my MOSFET project, too - see pic 15 (perhaps this cable is also in the 40x20 kit ??).
If you have no Noctua 3:2 adaptor, you need a seperat 3:2 pin adaptor cable as shown in pic 14:
Goobay 93628 PC Lüfter Stromkabel/Stromadapter, 3 Pin zu 2 Pin

Hi. This design is just a little too big for my print bed but by a couple mm's. Is there any way you can adjust it or is there a way for me to trick Cura software in to printing it? I cant slice it as its too big and Cura does not allow me to do anything to it. Im new to all of this and I would appreciate any help from you. Many thanks.

Hi, you want to use Cura? Please use the 'AI3M_ABS_PSUCover_Noctua_60x25.3mf' config file from the archive - open it as a project in Cura 3.6.0 - all settings are done automatic (incl. support blocker !!).
The trick is to set the 'skirt line count' to 3 and 'skirt distance' to 4 (under 'Build plate adhesion').

Your the man. I will try that tonight. Thanks for your support. Regards

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Thanks for that object
I've almost finished rebuilding the PSU with the cover, but the airflow with the CR10 reductor seems a bit weak
I wonder if i should use the reductor at all
Any advice ?

Hi, thanks for your message - I have done a lot of exploration with different fans and voltages ... the NF-A6x25FLX with NA-RC10 has 23 m3/h -that's a third more than the original fan. The actual activation of the fan is done via the NTC in the housing - since this is now ventilated more freely, the fan now starts less often