Razor Scraper Cover (EZ-Snap)

by 50an6xy06r6n May 27, 2014
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Is this meant to snap on to the scraper? mine seems a very loose fit and falls off. My printers well calibrated. gonna shrink it 4% on the X axes and print it again and see if that fixes it.

98% was the magic number

This is really useful but I have a policy. I do not download any objects that are not fully in the creative commons. The license attached to this object make it unattractive.
How am I supposed to remember the commercial from the non commercial? Forget it! I'm just not going to look at the encumbered objects.

I'm pretty new to the community, so I'm a little unfamiliar with the common practice licensing conventions. I'm fine with people modifying the design and such, but I'm just a little uncomfortable with the idea of other people making money off of it (the recent Makerbot extruder fiasco comes to mind). I mean I guess it's fine if you don't want to download it, but is there something I'm missing here?

When we built the internet, we didn't stop and say "hey! Hey you! You are not allowed to feed yourself!"

Yeah there is something that you are missing.
I completely understand how you feel about TakerBot and as a community we should punish them for trying to take what was in the public commons and make it exclusive.
With linux these kinds of discussions happened and if the decision had of been made to go non-commercial, then we would put governments in a position where they could never use open source operating systems. Government is going to be buying their services from someone, it's not just going to magically happen. The person that is going to be doing it will be profiting; will they profit from linux? their skill? their time? hmmmm. forget it. If you are an honest person that wants to follow the rules just exclude the IP that is restricted to non-commercial.
There were lots of linux distros. Some became very popular, others didn't. Some distro's lasted awhile, some were a flash in the pan. IP encumbrance is as much a factor as usefulness.
I have a 3d printer. I will print things for people. This costs me. It costs me my time, electricity and plastic. If I print your object for someone, can I recoup those costs? What if lots of people like your thing and now I am printing it many times, am I violating the non-commercial terms?
Ah forget it. Just don't favorite anything with that kind of encumbrance.
On the development side, people are going to be much freer with their ideas if you are free with yours. This thing is listed as creative commons with attribution. Fantastic. That's something that is worth helping with design ideas.

Looks great! I'm glad you like the scraper handle - I really just tweaked a few details of the thing emmett had originally posted.
I've just added a couple of #6 flat head screw countersinks into yours. I'll print it later this morning and post it if it works.