Fully Functional 1847 Colt Walker

by DonStick3l Feb 26, 2019
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Could you give precise measurements for the hand so that I can see where the print needs to be adjusted. I can't get the cylinder to rotate properly. the hand does not engage when the hammer is fully down in the slot, I have to rotate the cylinder manually about 1/4 inch before it will catch. I love it otherwise.

Sounds like the hand's leaf spring is too weak maybe? Not quite sure though.
I attached a screenshot of the main sketch but it mightbe a little chaotic.

How reliable would the mechanisms in this be with pla? Could this be made instead with alternative parts (springs, rubber bands ect) if pla isn't reliable?

Most types of PLA should work. My internals are made entirely from PLA and it still works. Only problem can be the leaf springs loosing some of their tension over time.
There simply is no space to fit in rubber bands or coil springs anywhere as the design is historically made for leaf springs.

what does it shoot?

Ehm imaginary .44 cal round ball and conical projectiles!?
This is a functional replica not a sharp gun. While technically possible, actually loading this thing with gunpowder, bullets and percussions caps is not advised (At least not for a polymer 3D print).

ich dachte, das ich laut Deinem Text endlich einmal eine funktionierende Waffe zum ausdrucken gefunden hätte.
Aber wieder einmal Fehlanzeige. Obwohl ich den "Hand" verlängert und verstärkt habe, ist der Trigger ohne Funktion und die Trommel wird auch nicht mitgenommen. Schade.

I thought that according to your text, I finally found a working weapon to print out.
But once again no indication. Although I extended and strengthened the "hand", the trigger has no function and the drum is not taken along. Too bad.

I'm sorry to hear you have problems with the make. But one thing is for sure, this design is working.
Mechanical especially kinematic 3D prints are a LOT harder to pull off than static figurines. It all comes down to proper tolerances, print quality and selection of materials. If any of the mechanical features does not work as intended, one of the requrements was not met.

Some parts of this thing, like the receiver, have very intricate geometry thus need to be printed seperate, slow and with a lot of support material in cavities (like the slot for the hand). All of this excess material has to be cleaned out thoroughly later on for parts to move with minimum friction.

But first off maybe we can do some troubleshooting here if you post more detail and/or pictures.
Also I do have some questions:

  • What do you mean by "trigger has no function"? It's only a lever, that locks into a groove of the hammer and releases it when pulled back. I don't see what could have gone wrong here.
  • The rotation of the cylinder is the most error-prone part, I'll give you that (and it was on the real thing too!). It is done by a tiny hand and requires a finely tuned leaf spring made from fairly elastic filament. But what do you mean by "extended and strengthened hand"? All parts were designed in situ and, provided good print quality, fit together as is. One cannot expect too alter the geometry of one single part and expect it to fit with the rest.

I really hope you have not yet given up on my design. I'm pretty proud of it and hope I can help you get your Colt working too!

(PS: Rückfragen auf Deutsch gerne auch per PN direkt an mich. In den Kommentaren antworte ich im Englischen, da die Maker-Community extrem international ist.)

Awsome, Thanks... Love this old replica...

Love that brass color, what filament did you use?

Filament is actually the same anthracite PLA as the receiver with a thin coat in matte gold spray paint. When the paint wears off, the silver/anthracite shows through giving a well aged brass look.