Ender 5 bed support_flat

by freudi85 Feb 23, 2019
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Thank you for this. I printed vertically with supports using the recommended settings. They really strengthened the bed!

I only have an ender 5 printer and when I import this into Cura its too big for my bed of 220x220mm? Can this only be printed on larger bed printers?

Adjust your x and y max in config.h of marlin to 235 instead of 220. Also adjust it the same way in the machine settings of the slicer. Will then print just fine.

yea me too Can anyone help with this issue?? only way is if its straight up which is gonna suck and not be strong enough

Printed parts with petg, 0.6mm nozzle, 0.5mm layer height, 3 parameter all around, 30% fill. Works well.
I had a 40% infill part lift up and it took huge force to beak it. Lowered infill to 30% after that.

Instead of screw I used a 80mm long piece of threaded M4 rod with couple nuts/washers to spread it open and keep locked.

Do you print it upright or lying down? Anyone want to share their file, I'm new to this?

You print it lying down like the 3rd and 4th picture

Printed it at 50% and snapped both of them

You need to print it in a different orientation so that the layer lines are not vertical.

Any tips to get this to lay flat in Cura?

I cut it in half and printed it in a horizontal position. Then I glued.
Very strengthens the table.

Nice work man! I print it without any problems with PLA (50% infill) and I install it on my Ender 5. Very easy and nice fit!
Let me tell you that heat-bed platform is much more stiffer now and it has much less vibrations! Awesome!
Thanks again I will post pictures in 'makes' soon.

I cracked one snapping ii into place. Reprinted with a little higher infill. I think they do a great job stiffening the bed and reducing vibrations.

What is your infill amount that worked, I did 50% and they both snapped....

I no longer recall - but it was less than 50%. What wall thickness are you using? These days I'm printing PETG and would do 4-5 (1.6-2.0mm) wall thickness and 40% infill.