by woodeeznuts Feb 28, 2019
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Hey! I'm in the process of printing this large model, and whilst waiting I decided to check the dimensions.

I have compared them to the ones on the Pso-Rite website. They are considerably different, especially in the mini, although the large one is about 17% shorter than what's on the website.

I'm wondering how you took the measurements and if perhaps I'm missing something?


Awesome stuff! Do you think you could upload a version of this in one piece? It would be quicker to print and not require any post-processing, glueing, etc. Thanks! :)

Nevermind, I did it in Slic3r. This is the whole thing in one piece. I haven't printed it yet but it should fit just fine on my CR-10 Mini.

Feel free to add the STL to this thing's files if you want.

I checked this one in S3D and it looks like it is still hollow with the dowel inserts. I did a solid in MM and cleaned up some polys. I didn't smooth the corners but you can just drop the model by -1.00mm or so below the print bed. Thanks for this.

Ah, sorry didn't see this. Thank you! I have the solid file, but I figured most people would find it easier to print in sections. Hopefully you scaled up the mini version I posted...

I will post my original solid version when I get the chance, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!

No worries! I actually hadn't seen the mini in your designs. I'll print one today.

It wasn't a lot of work to join the parts of the large one though, probably took be about 15 min. Hopefully your full version looks the same as my stitched together one. :D

Is this that bike holder?

it is a copy of an overpriced self-massage tool called a Pso-Rite