4" Waste Pipe Trommel

by Seafax Feb 24, 2019
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I got it figured out thank you I ended up checking a box that wasnt needed

Are you using the Cura slicer? I can ssure you the instructions do work, but if you're not using Cura I have no idea how to help except to suggest that you re-visit the thing files (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3448816/files) and download the new Simple_Auger.stl file and try that instead.

4" Waste Pipe Trommel
by Seafax

did everything that was posted on printing the auger an its just printing the shaft without the auger blades is that right little confused

You can already see bits of my conveyor in the video but it's not quite finished yet but I'll release the plans when it is.

Ive got 100mm wide neoprene rubber 1.5 mm thick. Something a little less stretchy might work better but it's holding up better than I initially thought it might.

thanks Seafax, im gonna wait ,or maybe draw one :P what kind of belt do you use ?

Great deseign! have you make the plans for the belt convoyor ? what kind of material do you use to make the belt ?

Absolutely marvellous! I have spent months trying to figure this out and I never thought of drillingrigs. hehe.
Can you put out a link to the motors you recommend? :)

You're also missing the sprockets for the trommel and the motor below it seems like.

What a glaring ommission. Gimmie a sec then check the files again and you should be able to get the ring gear. I'll also put a link to the motor I used but it'll be from a uk source since that's where I live.

great build very kool! gives me a great idea i am going to try to build something very similar atleast thank you for the inspiration i really like this little machine and how the auger system works! i would like mine to be a bit more powerful possibly for the conveyor and have maybe a bit larger area for the auger to be longer and hold a larger amount of dirt or sand. really great job!

Thanks for the comments Tommy. I should probably have added in the text that the motors shown in the video are NOT the ones I recommend... I just happened to have some slower/lower powered ones laying around and was too impatiend to see what it was like to wait for the better suited ones to arrive.