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by JC_Puzzles Feb 24, 2019
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Absolutely awesome puzzle! Good job!
I found it easy to assemble and it was fun to watch my kid solve it. Luckily she got it solved in 40 minutes, so I can try now :)

A friend if mine solved getting the cross out. Now I can't get it back in. how about a video to get the cross back to the start position. I really do love your puzzle.

Check out the latest video of my YouTube channel, it's in Spanish but you probably will be able to follow the same steps just looking at me

Is there a youtube for solving the puzzle?

Is it easy to solve? Maybe i put something together wrong

People are saying me that it isn't as easy as I originally thought, make sure that is properly assembled looking at the makes photos.
Anyway I'm going to upload a tutorial soon, but it doesn't makes any sense if you watch the solution.

Thanks for making this. Gave it to my daughter to solve, she's 8. We'll see how long it takes her...lol

P.S. Next one it may be a decent idea to place markings on the inside of each piece with their numbers, so that it's easier to recognize where each piece goes to. No issues in glueing it, but took a bit to figure out the part placements after I printed.

:D Actually, I didn't think about sharing this, I didn't expect such warm welcome, I'll keep it in mind for future designs

It's no worries at all. I'm just glad you posted it and figured I would only give some constructive criticism. Keep up the good work!! :)

Unfortunately, I assembled mine without the cross inside. Now I'm not sure how to reverse the solution back to the start. Any hints (or solution) available?

Hi Dracx, I guess your only option now (unless you want to disassemble it and start again) is figuring out some path to reach the starting point, which is the position shown in the photo.
Good luck

Got mine done and posted a make.

Looking very nice. But I have two questions: 1. Isn't it too easy to solve? 2. Why not to print the sides in one piece without any manufacturing?

Hi chorec, 1) Yes, I agree, it's my first design and I'm trying to get better :(
2) Just as GranjalfTheGreen pointed out, the reasons are: the better appearance achieved in the external faces, and the huge amount of supports it would need, requiring too much post-processing time
This way you can easily assemble it in 15 minutes just as it come out of the printer

I have done it already. It was hell to glue it together. There is glue everywhere on my fingers and desk. Some mounting mechanism might be better

I used a square block of wood to glue mine. Also see my post of a make. Maybe it's your glue. I really liked that DAP RapidFuse after my fingers got all stuck with superglue. Sticks good in 30 sec or less.

Nice design!

For those struggling to hold it together while gluing; use the RapidFuse and tape the pieces. Like this:

  1. Lay two pieces FLAT (outside faces DOWN) with the edges aligned.

  2. Put tape across it, flip it over. Note - You have to allow the width of the piece gap between them so you can do step three. Suggest you dry run before gluing to get the hang of it. Like most things, takes a bit of practice to master.

  3. Apply glue to ONE edge and rotate it up to bring the pieces into 90° alignment & hold. If you got the gap right the tape hold it at a perfect 90°.

NOTE - DON'T OVER APPLY THE GLUE. You don't want the TABLE to participate in your puzzle. ;-) Besides, biggest mistake people make with super glue is over application. It's meant to be a THIN FILM. Just wet the surface.

  1. (Optional) Use accelerator (I put mine in a little spray bottle)

Do in groups then join the groups.

That DAP RapidFuse is great stuff. I just found out it can be used to build up a gap or do a small hole fill if you hit it with some super glue accelerator! Bonds instantly then sets as hard as a rock. Best of both worlds - slow set on it's own or instant set with the accelerator. Gives you time to position, then BAM! , done.

The best one I've found is Bob Smith #152:

I am printing it right now, 1) can't answer yet, still have to solve it, but 2): It will definetly look better printing every side for its own.
Printing this in one piece would require a heckload of support, which may even be impossible to remove.