INTEL 4004 1st processor in the history almost 50 years ago

by lulu109 Feb 25, 2019
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Many thanks Theidd for all these pics and information. You are a fount of knowledge about these components. I am very happy that this design finally gave the opportunity to learn much more about key components of the computer era. There are some files with the interior of a 8008, I am afraid it will take months to design this with plastic parts. I will see if a paper print could take place inside.
I am going to read all links you sent me to know who these people are. Most of them except Nicolas Tesla were unknown to me.
Thanks again for the time you spent to prepare all these documents and post.

Your description of the 8080 as the first 8-bit processor is almost correct.
The 8008 came first. I built an 8008 system with 1024 bytes of RAM and no ROM a long time ago.
The I/O was front panel switches and LEDs. Later, I added 256 bytes of ROM to hold an audio tape data read routine.
I successfully interfaced it to a old Western Union Baudot code teletype and modified the ELM monitor program from Byte magazine to run on the 8008.
The board sits on a shelf in my basement. The wiring looks like a plate of spaghetti. I bet it would still work if I plugged it in.


Nice! My first experience with a microcomputer was with the 4004. I was a coop student at Daniel Industries, working in the checkout lab. The 4004-based flow computers came to me for final checkout (and repair) and programming--burning proms. As you say...4004 to 8008 to 8080...8086... At Intel, they had the bright idea to make the 16bit processor compatible with the 8bit ones and segment+offset was born and ruined our lives for the next 30+ years.

There was another 4-bit Intel processor called the 4040. I still have an unused 4040 chipset in its original box.
I worked in Advanced Engineering at AC Spark Plug Division of General Motors when we used the 4004 processor
to build a prototype digital instrument cluster.

Wow...very cool. Was not aware of the 4040.

Hi Botman 3D. I feel you know much better than me the history of computer. My knowledge come from internet and I did not plug any components like you did. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with me . I am going to correct the description and explain about the 8008.
If you can take a pic of your spaghetti board I would appreciate.