Underwater Cities Board Game Organizer

by Nayr090 Feb 26, 2019
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Hi, I love how this looks but I'm concerned about fit. There's two versions of the game, Rio Grande Games and Delicious Games and apparently the boxes aren't quite the same size. Which version does this fit?

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Apologies for the late reply! This was originally designed for the Delicious Games version.

What software did you design this with, looks so good! I will be printing when I am finished with my Black Angel insert.

Hello, sorry for the late reply! I used Fusion 360 to model everything.

Fits fine for me, no scaling required. Thanks for the design.

I'm trying to figure out how to make this all fit. At the top of the box, in your first picture, you have Era Cards -> S&C Cards -> Tunnels -> Credits, but after printing it's wider than the box. I've tried it both with and without the stands. Are we supposed to scale something?

Edit: It also seems the first row with player trays, era cards and hexes won't fit. Most this could be fixed by moving the hex in the upper-left hand corner, and shaving on maybe 1mm or 2mm from the center and maybe another 1-2mm from the sides.

The stands are only there to raise everything to be flush with each other. I personally didn't do any scaling. Hmm, when you say wider than the box, is it by a lot or just by a few mm?

From the top left to top right, it's maybe 3-4 MM too wide. From the top-left to the bottom-left it's maybe 2-3 MM too wide. I've got some changes I made that reduces the size of the hex box and the hex stand and it'll all fit. I'll post a remix plus pictures of how to store it all.

First, thank you for posting this. You've done a great job.

I just printed out the Era 1 card box. It looks good, but I think it is too tight with sleeves. My sleeves are a little larger, but it would be nice to add 2mm width to the box to allow some wiggle room. Also, add 2-4mm to the depth to allow for sleeved cards to be added/removed easily. I had to fidget with the box for a minute or so to get the cards to fit.

I'll probably just modify this with TinkerCad and try again.

If you do make these revisions, can you post them on thingiverse (assuming Nayr070 doesn’t mind)? I am planning on printing this and sleeving my cards, so we’ll be in the same boat. I’d really appreciate it!

Hello hello! Sorry, I'm out on a business trip for the next month or so, but I can maybe work on it within the week? I'd have to try and adjust the other components accordingly so that everything still fits snugly in the box. But by all means, try the revisions!

Nice work! Which sleeve size/brand are you using? Will premium sleeves fit?

I printed era 1 card storage. It has a measured width of 88.85mm? My sleeves which are 91mm do not fit. I wonder how Mayday USA Chimera should fit as they are 92mm?

After rechecking, it's actually the PURPLE Mayday sleeves I used, not the orange ones. Those are 56 x 87mm. Also, the file should be 90mm. Sorry for the misinformation!

Thank you! I used the orange Mayday Sleeves. And yes, premium sleeves will work :)

EDIT: It was the purple sleeves, NOT the orange sleeves.