Prescription Vial Divider

by zheng3 Nov 15, 2012
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I also had a problem printing this. Same issue as reported here, the cap's hook has nothing to latch onto within the divider core itself. Also, the core printed perfectly, up until the top 1cm where the wall thickness mysteriously went from 2 to 1 layers thick and went wacky. There is something odd about that top section of the core. It slices fine and the STL looks fine when viewing, but something up at the top is preventing a nice print. Very strange indeed.
Otherwise, this is a great little divider and I would use it very frequently if I could get that top section to print properly. Looking forward to other's suggestions/comments.

Awesome!  A nice retrofit on a typically discarded item.

Printed it, and the core fit perfectly into a vial, and the vial's cap fit over it perfectly.

The cap had two problems. First the 'wings' didn't catch on the core. The problem may be that the core doesn't have a 'lip' for the wings to catch onto. Second, the cap didn't fit inside the vial cap, for my vial. Inside the cap there's a plastic ring that appears to be a part of the locking mechanism that holds the cap onto the vial. This ring fits around the core, but the cap appears to keep the ring from fitting into place, so with the cap in place I can't seal the vial.

So the end result is that I'm using the core and the vial's cap, and not using the printed cap, and using my fingers to cover the pills in place when I pour out the one section's pills.

Thanks for the feedback laird. The wing-catching "lip" is definitely in the geometry, and it printed OK on my Replicator 1.

Maybe try adjusting your layer height? It's by necessity fairly small because it's an internal overhang.

can't speak to your issues with the vial's native cap, though, since
there's a wide variety of cap styles out in the wild. Your solution
seems like a good idea.

I just got back from a trip where I used your divider, and it worked perfectly, thanks!