Hydroponic garden

by AntoDelG Feb 26, 2019
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Thank your for the design!

What are your settings for the water-level-aid? I tried to reduce the infill to an absolute possible minimum but it still won't swim.

The walls, top and bottom should be waterproof, if the water enters in the piece it will not float. Try with 4-5 layers at the bottom/top and 3-4 perimeters. Infill can be 0.

Would you mind sharing more information about your printing settings? I am trying to print the vase, but I can't make it water tight, probably due to bad settings.
Which printer did you use? which nozzle diameter? did you change any particular settings? I am playing with extrusion multiplier on simplify3d and it got better, but still far from perfect. I'm using a 1mm nozzle, which might be the reason my extrusion is so uneven

What kind of filament did you use? PLA, PETG or else?

PLA for all the pieces

I have a problem to print vase-4-cell. The software does not allow me this in vase mode. It works for version 6. If I resize version 6 the problem is exactly the same. Any ideas ? thank you,

I think it's fixed now, try vase-4-cell-vase-mode.stl.


Yes it'is ok now.
I only have a nozzle in 0.4. Will a perimeter of 0.4 be enough? Thank you for the change.

I printed the thicker 4-cell bottom with 0.8 mm wall and line thickness, 0.2 mm layer height, 20 mm/s speed, 100% infill. If you're using Cura, enable "Spiralize Outer Contour" under Special Modes.

You can set 0,5mm or 0,6 with a 0,4 nozzle for vase mode, it will extrude more plastic.

Yes but same problem in 0.5 software doesn't allow this. Perhaps i'm missing something. Max 0.45. I use S3D

how much water do you put in each container ? right to the top ?

Until it reaches the middle of the pots, more or less.

Just a question about the growing of the plants
do you use perlite or similar in the pots with a nutrient solution added to the water ?
how often do you add water and how far up the basket ?
sorry a beginner in this style of growing
any help is appreciated thanks

Hi, My plants are Carolina Reaper peppers, so I use water + this nutrient solution for peppers: "Plant It Hydro Chilli and Pepper Feed,"

For growing the seeds I used this Model: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2436117 with the "Ikea VÄXER Growing media Starter plugs"

When the seeds grew I used this Hydrophonic garden with the Ikea VÄXER Pumice stones in the pots. When the plants were small I had to add water+nutrients every 1 or 2 weeks... Now they are bigger and I have to add Water every 2 days ^_^


Love this! Do you have any tips on how to turn it into a 4-cell? I'm trying to cut off two of the cells so it fits in my printer.

I just uploaded a 4-cell version ^_^

OMG you are the best!! Thank you!!!!!

It was nothing :P.

If you print the 4-cell version please add a picture!


Comments deleted.

The box works perfectly, you need a good printer with a well calibrated extruder and print it in vase Mode. I have printed 8 boxes without

Anyway, I will upload a new version with thicker walls for bad calibrated printers...

sorry, i made a mistake, in vase mode the box prints perfekt!

did you use anything to coat the inside of the water reservoir? like resin?

Nope, only 4-5 bottom layers + 0,6mm perimeter (vase mode)