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Air Supply - Respirator

by mbonadurer Mar 1, 2019
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Just printed the battery housing and hose adapter to test the fit of the parts. I want to say first that I love this project. It has come at the perfect time for me. Second, my printer is... okay at tolerances. Usually within .15 mm.

Now, unfortunately, for me, the tolerances are inconsistent. Battery fits very well into the housing, but the slots for the splice terminals were far too tight. Scaling to 102 percent, and the battery fit too loose, and the terminals still won't fit, and I bought the ones from your links.

The hose adapter fits great to the blower fan at 100 percent scale, but is far too tight for the BT-30 hose. Scaled to 102 percent, and the hose fits absolutely perfect, but then the fan won't fit at all, LOL.

So, would it be possible to loosen/tighten some of these tolerances? Or, if you're fine with it, releasing the CAD files for these parts so I can work with them? I would love to complete this project, as I am in need of this respirator setup. With both glasses and a beard, I have few options...

I have been meaning to do some more detailed assembly instructions but haven't had the time.
I Used a soldering iron to heated up the spades and pushed them through.
I sanded the inside of the adapter a lot so it was very smooth. I was worried about the rough surface putting undo ware on the "O" ring of the hose.

Strange, we bought whole Versaflow system for 700€. I'm glad it lasts for whole 12 hours shift. Compared to a one use respirators it is money saving machine and doesn't leave wear marks on your face. People call me cosmonaut when I'm wearing it. You should put a sticker on helmet "Houston we have a problem" :D
I would do some changes but overall it's a nice design!

I love it man. This is exactly what I was looking for. People, don't play around with safety. I work around a lot of lacquer and tested high for Barium. Thats why I am here. This was exactly what I was looking for, I don't have to make/mod my own now. You just helped me a great deal, thank you.

The filters I used were HEPA and Charcoal . I know they are good for dust and some fumes. Not sure if they will work for Lacquer and Barium. You might do some research to find out what filters you will need to be safe.

Any plans to do a complete write up / instructable post? Ive been mulling over how to design something like this for the better part of a year for my welding hood. I built something similar using an air mattress pump fan and 18650s which worked okay but the fans werent designed to run as long as I wanted and Id need something like 20 batteries to run it for an 8 hour day which led it to be quickly shelved before I ever got to use it past the testing phase.

I am working on a video and photos showing the assembly process. I don't think it needs a full instructable post. The files are of the forth prototype I have finished. Once you get it printed and cleaned up. All that is needed is to solder the spade connectors stack it up, align the holes then bolt and screw it together. It shouldn't be to much longer before I upload more.

I am building a similar design, what are you using to prevent the battery from becoming completely discharged? I am going to try to use an battery bank and bump up the voltage to 12v to power radial fans.

Searched it up, stated from their website: "M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP2.0 Battery Built-in REDLINK™ Intelligence protects the battery from overloads, preventing you from damaging your cordless power tools in heavy-duty situations, while the discharge protection prevents cell damage."

I needed this exactly this time last year!!!
I tried designing my own for the foundry I built but yours is significantly better in design!

puts on respirator

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You can't call it a respirator. OSHA will fine you. Only NIOSH approved devices can be called a PAPR.

The definition of a respirator is:
An apparatus worn over the mouth and nose or the entire face to prevent the inhalation of dust, smoke, or other noxious substances.

I have not said it meets any OSHA standards. I don't think OSHA has a exclusive rights on the term respirator.

I designed an air supply. The filters you put in it will determine what is filtered out.

very nice work @mbonadurer. The fact you have incorporated a common battery standard is superb. As for the OSHA bit. I think @jmorrisgp is referring to regulatory standards that OSHA enforces. Thus can fine in violation but not actually own any rights to. They mean well but in practice are sometimes a bit over zealous in there efforts and goals. Sense this is a "custom fabrication" and not a mass produced safety product its a moot point. If you wear this on a job site whomever the safety super will probably throw a fit your not using company supplied blah blah. A OSHA inspector might loose his mind trying to figure out where this sits in regulation for ya know "safety first". Or throw you off the job site till you get the proper gear. OSHA makes a lot of money having items tested over and over again to have those stickers added, classes attended, product sold all in the name of safety. You sir are a pioneer and should be recognized as such.

Thanks for the comment @GenCab.