Ender 3 - Low Profile Feet

by benawhite Feb 27, 2019
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I want to use this make, since for me it looks the best design! My problem is that I need more clearance to use a SKR 1.3/RaspPi Enclosure which needs approx. 20 mm of clearance. Is it possible, that yo can make a remix with different clearance heights? Like 10, 15, 20, 25 mm, that each people can use the individual height? Thanks in advance! Ronny

any chance you could release the designs on these? i'd like to remix it for a tennis ball, as theyre a bit cheaper and i have tons of em.

i can use solidworks or fusion360 files, or can at least remake it from a step or iges file.


looks great and reduces noise a little bit, but after a while the squash balls deform and get a flat spot on the bottom. The fact, that the feet are so low make them touch the ground and make a new noise (in the worst case) so either i have to buy new (less soft) squash balls (which would result in worst damping and higher cost) or i have to turn them in a new position after a week or so.

that stinks, I have been using mine for a few months now and I'm not having that issue. I wonder if yours are not air tight...

I think every squashball has to be air tight because there is gas in it. But maybe it's the material of the shell. I think that would not happen when i spend more money for the balls and buy better quality. I'm just sad, that i spend money for them.

I just remeasured the added height of this mod on my printer, after 3 months. It had gone from 10mm down to 9.1mm. I still have over 3mm clearance, but it's something to keep an eye on for sure.

The BEST Ender feet! I printed all of the others that use squash balls and they printed horribly, didn't fit right, etc, these were perfect in every way. They made the printer much quieter, I almost thought I was losing my hearing. Thanks so much for this great design!

Absolutely brilliant. Works perfectly. Keeping it low reduces any wobble created by the balls. This is a must have . Thank you!

Hey there!

This looks amazing, very Tron Legacy... What did you use in the grooves on the aluminum chassis if you don't mind me asking?

I'm on my second foot using black and white and they look sharp! Thanks!

Thanks, I'm glad you're liking them. The inserts that I used in my frame were custom made, but you can find very similar modes if you search for "v-slot covers". I could post them, but feel like they are not different enough to justify it.

Thanks! I found some and will give 'em a try!

Did the trick. Thanks. Also had problem with underextrusion so recalibrated printer and now looks really good.

That's great, this is one of my favorite upgrades. They make such a difference in the sound, and I like the way they look to ;)

What material did you use? I've just made it from PLA and those feets where not strong enough to hold the whole machine. Did you use PETG?

I just used pla... you might increase the wall thickness to 4