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by docmooney Nov 15, 2012
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thanks for all Things :)

Hi! I built this recently and I was trying to figure out the proper numbers in the configuration for delta (DELTA_SMOOTH_ROD_OFFSET etc) and I wasn't able to find the perfect values. Can you share what values are you using with the specific build?

I wish I could... it's a project that's laid dormant for some time now. Work happens, unfortunately. Honestly, I'd suggest checking in with the delta robot group on Google groups...


So the top and bottom files are the correct hole layout for Rostock, and you only changed the height?

Yep. I based them off the files used in making the Rostock.

Great structure! I'd appreciate if you can point where (in which holes) have to put control board, power supply, etc. It would be very usefull. Thanks a lot!

It took me a bit, but I've finally gotten around to getting an image up. It shows the brainwave board and the power supply on the frame...

Just got my lasered wood back today.  Made the walls 12mm instead of 9mm.  Didn't realize you had shortened the design to approx 666mm instead of the original Johann plans.  But its OK, I think this will be more stable, and I figure its still good for over 10 inches build height.  Photo shown in Made One.

It looks really nice. The height reduction was necessary using piit79's endstop with Johann's rods.

What is your material thickness?

 Thanks for pointing that out.  I've updated the description to show the top & base are 12mm and the side pieces are 9mm.  These are based on Johann's original description.

Sorry, I edited out my comment about wall thickness almost immediately because I saw the thickness values in the file names.
Anyway, what about having a corner brace? Would it be helpful? How is the stability with the parallel walls?

 I don't have it printing yet, but it seems fairly rigid.  I was planning on creating an enclosure for the electronics on the side and, if more rigidity was needed, extending that case to attach to the base.