by TheTNR Feb 27, 2019
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Why RED? huh? why not...whatever color i print? HHHUUHHH?

Where are these two pieces going? In the video do not appear.

Hi djabif,

these parts are redundant. no need them :D our design mistake sor for this...

Very nice design. Also lends itself to multiple colors.

Yes, thank you for good words.


You are a thief. You stole a design and posted it here as your own.

boozekashi is only saying negative comments please remove him if that's possible. he keeps claiming thievery and everything here with the red eagle is legitimately done right and proper. if he wants to complain about another different item he needs to do it on that page, not every page a man creates! he is harassing this man please make it stop. and keep the red eagle it is a great model! thanks for all you do thingiverse!

Hyperbole and censorship, but you are special Tommy :)

You linked to fucking superman... how is this ripped off?

“His” Superman was already removed. You are late.

and Fede is some kind of weirdo hating on USA on an American owned site... lol, that boy has issues

my owner is brazil or russia jajajajajaja

here nobody cheated anyone, what happens that the BoozeKashi is crazy and forgot to take his remedy just that

Sure Fede :) I am quite certain that everyone can read all your posts and see who has some antisocial behavioral issues, but you go boy!

"Tommy special" ooooh that this is your boyfriend congratulations when they get married? jejeje

what are you talking about ? mymini ? are you stupid ?

Where is your Superman? Taken down? hmmm

Your Brigitte is stolen content too, from Fotis Mint at MyMiniFactory.

In fact, it appears ALL of your content is stolen. Quite brazen that you would talk trash while things you claimed as yours are being removed because they are not. Even your “how I designed this” videos are obvious fakes that show nothing.

to see baby where do you think I steal it you have proof? because the direction you gave is the ugly face of superman (ugly because it's a shitty Northamerican)

He might have meant this one, but they might be the same guy?


No Jay, meant the Superman, but thanks. It has now been removed as stolen content. His claimed Brigitte model is also stolen from there. It would not surprise me if the eagle was stolen from elsewhere and reposted too. It seems that none of his content is his own. Have a look at any of his videos to see “how” he designed anything...

if it's the same, then BoozeKashi you stay like a fool accusing him of thief

Where is the Superman FedeMiller? Gone huh? Taken down because it was stolen content. Who is the fool? ;)

good some things I take it from torrent, now you are going to accuse me of thief ... thanks I feel like the GTA (proud of being a thief) :D

and tell me you're really stupid or you're an immature baby

thanks Fede ...

He is actually from another planet. Perhaps a European copy with American accent?

Yes, of course, he tells the comics that he is from another planet and he has powers, if he is an alien ... but you noticed, that the superman costume is the colors of the United States, and he becomes a Northamerican citizen, It's the classic cheap Northamerican shitty advertising. A dream of them that is pure shit and subliminal message

si, claro, cuenta el comics que es de otro planeta y tiene poderes, si es un extraterretre... pero vos te diste cuenta, que el traje que lleva superman son los colores de estados unidos, y él se hace ciudadanos norteamericano, es la clasica publicidad barata de los norteamericano de mierda. Un sueño de ellos, que es pura mierda y mensaje subliminales

simple, superman was made for the usa to be our hero not yours. why would we put another country's colors on him? we are the country that helps everyone we can to the best of our ability. isn't that what superman is all about? he like america stands for truth and justice equal rights and freedom for all people! and for the record we are not trying to entice you to want to be here or come to live here though superman subliminal messages lol that's off the deep end ludacrisp.

ok, estonces superman es una mierda total ok

You need to adjust the monitor as his colors are Red, Blue and Yellow. The US flag is Red, White and Blue. The North American Canadian flag is Red and White. The character was created in 1932 and first appeared in comics in 1938. This “dream” appears to have endured for 87 years. Great marketing by any standard. For reference, trashing another country is not really accepted in the US. In day to day life, most Americans talk about the pleasure of visiting other countries and those who have not visited admire the thought of someday visiting. Hopefully, their visit will be a positive experience.

I thank my parents that I'm not a Northamerican (EE.UU) shit

hi, it is very nice design, it is super cool! , could you please change the size of the Parça2426_basılacak.STL file? when I downloaded it, i got a huge objects, thank you for sharing this piece of art.

Hi oscargarcia,

parça24 is fixed. you can try again....thanks for viewing...

Hi oscar thanks for commenting,26% to be printed,3d printer slicer settings can be reduced as a percentage

hello could you please pass it to EPS or SVG for cutting plotter thanks

Hi FedeMiller,

We have not EPS or SVG. if you interest, we have DXF....

yes thanks you

Hi FedeMiller,

you can download this link : https://uploadfiles.io/tmssg

ready, copy it, thank you very much