TactiCool Box (waterproof)

by mussy Mar 1, 2019
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Can you make this design with the interior dimensions large enough to fit 15-20 of your altoids snapcards? It will be a total mussy made survival kit :)

Already done lol, I'll be posting them this weekend ;)
Rec Saw Blade holder
Jig Saw Blade Holder
Stanley Blade Cutter
Drinking Cup
Mini BIC Lighter Holder
Nitecore Led Light

it looks like the area that you connect the hinge and lock to is 36mm wide (measured to the outside of the mounting points ) unless i measured wrong. why do you need a 3mmx 52mm rod for a 36mm wide connection?

You are correct, The first model uses 52mm rods the others use 36mm

Is that the one with the double latch ?

pretty cool, one suggestion, list the dimensions and make one so you can carry around all those saucse packets people steal from fast food places.

Very well! Are you learning Mussy xD

With 20% filling the B box with lid without logo takes me 5h 8m ... its a good time.

Can I request a modification? It would be very interesting and would make a more pro box;)

lol, I'm always open for suggestions ;)

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I wanted to know if you could do a crawl around to put o'ring? ;)

Something more or less like that ...
Sorry for my english, iam using google translate xD

ok, I just need the thickness of you O-ring

Easy peasy lol whats the diameter of your O-Ring and which model do you want modified?

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umm I do not have that data now, but would it be any standard diameter? 3mm? dont know.

After the weekend when I have the box printed I find out which orings it serves!

Thank you very much Mussy

This is with 2 mm Ring Hole I think any bigger and the lid will be very difficult to close, and if you want any other size let me know and ill modify it for you ;)

jajajajaja fantastic and fast! in a while I will print it and upload a photo!

My pleasure buddy ;)

Now its waterproof and "watertight" ? jejeje

If u have flex filament (too expensive in my country) u can made customizable oring (not my file).

That's a brilliant idea!!!

yeah! xD
u have to make this addon (orings) in the survival filter!!!! And also add thread for the PERFECT PRODUCT ;)

lol Here is your O-Ring, I'll work on the round version with a threaded Top next week ;)

Oh nooo i think its fit perfect? iam checking in tinkercad :)

Well... now i need crash my wallet for buy a flexible filament!

But just one question ... why is the background flat? Does it have to be inverted?


In a few minutes end the first box

Don't you trust my designs ? :))) You don't need much flexible filament for the O-ring if you can get a sample it would be more than enough, yes print the base inverted, the top the way it is displayed and the lock and hinge on their side.

Yeaaah .. I trust!
I do not trust the machines :p

Lol i was joking ;) but you are rite about the machines that's why I have quite a big collection, but My favorite by far is the Makerbot Z18 it has printed over 22,000 meters of filament and has never failed, I bought it from a school that was replacing their printers with new ones and it cost the price of an Original Prusa lol

Hahaha no! good luck!
I made my own machines ... Prusa i3 20x20x20 50% metal and 50% 3D and 30x30x30 100% metal!
Now I'm going to upload the Tacticool that was printed perfectly!

All metal printers are absolutely brilliant, cant wait to see it :)

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Hello again men!
I already have the box printed but I have a problem in the joint.
One or both sides of the hinges should be rounded.
Abrila is easy, but at the moment of closing it it locks and when doing it exerts friction between the base and the cover, the bolt holes also exert force.
This could be improved by rounding the friction zone between the base and lid.
There I upload a photo! I cant do this with FreeCad :(
I love these boxes!

Thanks Hugh, its so cool I've already printed 5 in the last 24 hrs lol

Fascinating design.

Do you have a source for pre-cut 3x52mm rods?

Hi dledoux2, no I just make my own, any material can be used, for the first one I used carbon rods, for the last I used shafts from screws

Great! 3mm brass is easy to work with.

I wish I had brass, it would look very nice ;)

Looks great! I like the concept very much.

I always failed in the past of printing waterproof things.
It always was leaking through over time.
How do you print? Material? Settings?

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Thanks Waldamore, you are 100% rite unless you use a sealing material it will eventually leak, you have 3 choices, 1) Liquid Latex, 2) Casting Silicone, 3) O-rings .
Finding an O-ring this shape and size would be almost impossible, For this I used liquid Latex as it cures way faster than silicone and is a lot smoother when dry.

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Thanks for the quick response and tips!
But my main problem is diffusion through the printed material. The water leaked through the little holes between layers.
I heard of increased extrusion multiplier, slower and more heat?
What do you use? PLA? Petg?

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I always use PLA with 5 shells it always works, off course the temp has to be right for the filament you are using, too cold and it will separate in time and too hot it will overflow and look terrible.

Sweet design man! They Look very professional.

Thanks buddy glad you liked them ;)