Apex Legends RE-45 Autopistol

by Emethian Feb 28, 2019
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do you think you could make this into a airsoft glock kit? would be damn cool to see

Never really got into airsoft as of yet, do you know of a good place to get CAD files or buy one in Canada? It would be an interesting challenge, but if there is enough interest I'll try.

Just wanna say, the file is great. the sight on the other hand is too thin and breaks easily. i suggest thickening the sight a little to prevent breakage. i printed with 80% infill yet it still breaks

Here is one with 50% thicker sides, it is part of the ongoing changes to Gen.2, but I don't want to release the whole thing until I have personally printed and validated all the components

Oh buddy you are the man!!

Posted my make. Thank you can't wait for the gen2. It is a little small but think I had to print the slide, and frame in two pieces each. Also I've got a small mitt so it doesn't look all bad in my hand.

what orientations do you recommend for unsupported printing?

the frame and trigger can be printed upside down, the slide is printed right side up, barrel printed vertically ad everything else should be pretty self explanatory, the Muzzle however will require support, but this can be minimized by printing upside down as well

For anyone considering making this, just know that it's not to scale, you might want to bump it up to 115%.

haha yes, printing it myself the frame is definitely pretty small, for Gen.2 this will be lengthened

So, all parts 115% in all axis? Or is worth the shot to wait until Gen2?

Gen.2 is now up, which has the handle 10mm longer, so if you've got big hands id say still upscale by 10% but now it should fit more people a lot better

I have printed most of the parts but need a little more help on the assembly. Specifically the trigger 1 and 2 pieces and how they should fit in the trigger well and at what position you recommend. thanks.

it's a finicky process, essentially you need to put the small top bit into the hole for it, then push it forward so that it matches up with the trigger itself, then you can thread the M3 bolt through the top and into the trigger. Mine is functional but just barely, this is again another improvement that will be in gen.2

How did you print most of the things without supports? For example the frame even if i turn it up side down i would still need supports for the trigger guard

The trigger guard is technically just bridging across so it printed fine for me with a little cleanup, the only part that used support for me was the muzzle. I'm working on a gen 2 that reduces the unsupported roofs and generally makes it nicer to print but it's finals season so not a lot of time at the moment. General rule of thumb is that the inside face is gonna look rough but it doesn't matter because it's inside when assembled