SD Card holder

by daafjess Feb 28, 2019
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Printed today on a Creality CR-20 and worked like a charm. 0.15 layer height and 10% infill. take like 3 hours.
Great design, congrats and thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you like it.

I printed this on my cr-10s with PLA and I cannot get the lid so fully screw on the last 2 millimeters. The machine is as calibrated and upgraded as it can be. Printed with 0.1mm layer height. I even lubricated the threads with PTFE spray and it still wont go.

Strange, I never had this issue. Did you check the thread for protrusions? I don't know if other people have this same issue. Do you have any suggestion how I can improve it for you?

I reworked the tray thread, see Summary for details. I think this will solve your problem. If you decide to reprint, please let me know if it works.

I haven't tried the new version. It feels like there is a slight taper on the thickness somewhere that makes the cap harder and harder to screw on. Is there any tolerance added in the design schematics or is it a perfect snug fit? It might be because of the slight layer lines on both parts are interlocking when it is so tight. I wonder if it would be solved if the parts were printed with different layer height so that they don't interlock.

There is no taper in the design and yes, there is a 1.5% tolerance in the thread part. With the new design mine screws on fully with one flick. I print the parts in 0.15 but i think 0.1 should only be better.

I will try the new part. I really like this design, planning on giving it as a gift to someone I know having a lot of sd-cards with pictures of their newborn child. With 5 cards it is a big troublesome keeping track of them all.

Printed on my (incredibly cheap!) reprap i3, slots and cap were *just that bit too small. Probably slop in my machine to be honest. I'll try printing again at something like 103% for the bottom and 104% for the cap and I expect it'll be fine. Great design though, thanks! :)

Did you try cleaning up the thread a bit? Mine always needs some extra force the first time. After that, super smooth.

Well it finished at 01:15 so not last night! I'll be taking some fine abrasive to the lid side today to try and widen it a bit, I expect that will work fine, but then I still need to widen the slots for cards too, maybe 1mm. Most likely it's because the parallel bars holding x gantry, are slightly too wide, or one of them is anyway, (I don't get full height yet, but had enough of taking at part over and over for now!) so I think the top of the screw is ever so slightly tapered outwards. Also my resolution is really poor. The design is bang on though!

If you tell me what you want adjusted and to what measuments i can make an adjusted part for you. Or if you use solidword i can send you the original files types.

Nah I'm fine this end mate, scaling wont be difficult. Thanks for the offer though! :) (fusion360+cura)