Low Rider CNC X Belt retainer and tensioner

by Tailslide Mar 1, 2019
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Love this part! The only thing I can think of to make it better would be a way to bolt it to the XZ side belt piece rather than using a zip tie...I might mess with this at some point, but if you get to it first, I'd love to see what you come up with.

That would be nice! I would like to get rid of all the zip ties but hard to think of a way that doesn't involve redesigning the pipe clamp with something like a notch the tensioner can clip onto.. maybe if I ever have to take apart my machine again.

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Cool idea/design. What size bolt are you using? I've got a bunch of M3 and seems to hold but just barely. Thanks!

I can’t recall but I do know that I started with the bolt the hole was sized for then later switched to one size up after some use when I wanted a tighter fit and haven’t had any issues since. You could try an M4 and maybe enlarge the hole a bit if it looks tight enough to crack it.

I made it (with less infill) and the belt clamping part pretty much bends. I would recommend adding some eyelets there for a screw.

I also just added a 'beefy' version which has more support for the clamping part and a thicker bottom wall.
If you continue to have problems with the new part and print settings let me know.

I used three perimeters and 90% infill and it's still holding up OK after a bunch of use. I did wind up putting a larger bolt in after the router got stuck and pulled on the X belt hard enough to strip the bolt hole. Can you try reprinting with these settings?