Low Rider CNC X Belt retainer and tensioner

by Tailslide Mar 1, 2019
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Are you willing to make the CAD available? I would love to remix this with a square nut rather than using plastic for the threads

Sure I just added the fusion file. If you want a different format just sign up for a free fusion 360 account and export it to whatever you want. Also check into threaded inserts.. you can just stick one on the end of your soldering iron and melt it into any plastic hole to give it metal threads.

Hey, thanks for the file! I had used a heat press insert, but the one I had was too tall and instantly slipped out. To me square nuts are a better solution, but thats because I have a few hundred of them lying around that need using.

I've modeled new tensioners based on M3 and M4 square nuts, do you mind if I post them as a remix of this?

That would be great please do !

Love this part! The only thing I can think of to make it better would be a way to bolt it to the XZ side belt piece rather than using a zip tie...I might mess with this at some point, but if you get to it first, I'd love to see what you come up with.

That would be nice! I would like to get rid of all the zip ties but hard to think of a way that doesn't involve redesigning the pipe clamp with something like a notch the tensioner can clip onto.. maybe if I ever have to take apart my machine again.

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Cool idea/design. What size bolt are you using? I've got a bunch of M3 and seems to hold but just barely. Thanks!

I can’t recall but I do know that I started with the bolt the hole was sized for then later switched to one size up after some use when I wanted a tighter fit and haven’t had any issues since. You could try an M4 and maybe enlarge the hole a bit if it looks tight enough to crack it.

I made it (with less infill) and the belt clamping part pretty much bends. I would recommend adding some eyelets there for a screw.

I also just added a 'beefy' version which has more support for the clamping part and a thicker bottom wall.
If you continue to have problems with the new part and print settings let me know.

I used three perimeters and 90% infill and it's still holding up OK after a bunch of use. I did wind up putting a larger bolt in after the router got stuck and pulled on the X belt hard enough to strip the bolt hole. Can you try reprinting with these settings?