Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

lady of war

by jimsbeanz Mar 1, 2019
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Any chance I could get this head separately?

Mind sharing posable original model ?

Great model. I do have one suggestion though. It would be handy to have a version of the combined model but without the base. The reason being that for a fdm printer I normally use tree supports as it enables parts to be supported with supports starting at the build plate only. However for this model this cannot be used as the branch angle would need to be too great in order to support the material between the legs.

Painting mine now, could do with the head being removable as it would allows you to slap on the full armoured version from your other models, top notch mate.

Can you please make the head seperate from the miniature? It is so hard to find decent looking 28mm female miniature heads. Many thanks, love your work.

Great sculpt!

If I may give a constructive criticism: It seems she is at True Scale (realistic scale) instead of Heroic Scale (larger limbs, hands, feet and head).

While it's top quality, it doen't help to blend in with other 40k minis. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, great job! Keep going!

yeah my original model was even more realistically proportioned I realized that after i printed it out. The other sister models should be more in line with new 40k proportions(not the very old minis).

How the hell did you guys print that so well? Resin?

yep I made mine with an SLA resin printer

Very nicely done! I registered specifically today specifically to say thanks for putting up this model. I'm hoping to get a 3d printer soon and this will definitely be one of the first models I print!

Amazing sculpt man, top notch quality!

I don’t plat the sister but damn this is one of the best models I’ve seen on thingiverse!

Love her. An amazing model. Any chance of getting different poses?

WOW!!! Amazing model.