Arduino based Mini radar HC-SR04 ST7735 Display

by electricdiylab Mar 3, 2019
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Also.this will not run on 9 volts. Tried couple boards. Runs great on external 9 volts or less.battery just not enough. Your board has a place for a buzzer to sound.can you add that code to your program.would be neat to have it go off when it detects something.

if (distance < 30){

Notice if you changed this distance setting you get a lot more range from the hc-sr04. I changed mine to 200 for now.
and if you have the st7735 with the a0 pin.it goes to d9 that was throwing me off. radar is working great.

myServo.attach(3); // Defines on which pin is the servo motor attached

but drawing shows it going to d2??? doesn't the number after myservo.attach () indicate pin number??

new to all this.but great learning here. Thanks for your time.

yes servo is connected on pin 3,
its my mistake in wiring drawing...

i made stills of the PCB from the video and your PCB and drawing. the 2 isn't the same. is there an update on the wiring that doesn't show on the radar drawing.your PCB isn't the same as the drawing if I go by the display in the video.Did you make wiring changes and not update drawing..Thanks

Please consider Wiring drawing as master, and the wiring drawing as well as code is only only applicable for this display https://www.aliexpress.com/item/NEW-1-8-inch-4-IO-SPI-serial-Full-Color-128x160-TFT-LCD-Display-ST7735-Module/32673683146.html
if your display is different then your wiring drawing is also got change as well a display library in code, yes there are some deviation in between wiring drawing and pcb because initially pcb was design for some other display later on i made some adjustment in pcb to work it out...

Useing the same display.but if i use the drawing it is showing different pins than your pcb shows. So i guess i will use what your pcb in the video shows and not the drawing. And try that. Thanks

can you post pin out for display. or label the display in the diagram. the PCB in the video is showing something other than what the diagram in the downloaded files are showing.

Do you have the files for the part that mounts to the servo and holds the sensors? They don't seem to be included here.

That is the knob which is you get along with servo, just you need to cut it as required and glue it at the tip if sensor holder

Ok cool, although it doesn't look like the sensor holder itself is there, aka the curved shaped part which the sensor is inside of.

Go to thing files.under the pictures.it has more stl files there.I think what your looking for is there.not sure why there not all in the download file.

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Yes I missed it, but i have uploaded it now its there...

greetings buddy, i try to build your arduino mini radar, but it seems like there are still missing parts for the enclosure box and servo holder. Can you re-upload these 2 files? I made a screenshot which files are actually in your .zip folder to download.

Awesome, thanks! I've got all the needed parts on order so I'm going to be building one!

Hola me ha encantado
?¿Has incluido el archivo para el circuito impreso que hay que mandar a pcbj?
Muchas gracias por tu atención

No los archivos PCB no están incluidos.
Gracias amigo

THis is awesome if you would make a 3d Print that looks like the sensors from the alien movie this would really set this off. Thanks for sharing this!