3D Printed Delta Robot (Servo Driven)

by isaac879 Apr 8, 2019
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Very good job !
I would like to make the same but with another dimension.
Is it possible to have the solidworks files ?
Thanks a lot !

Hi, it was designed in Autodesk Inventor so I can give you the .ipt files or export them to .step which I assume you can then import into Solidworks?

OK i understand. When you import with .step, you have just the surface. It is not possible to modify dimension. It seems that we have possibilities to import the model with .ipt. I will try. Send me all the inventor files and .ipt i will make some test to open the model.

I need an assembly manual, possible?
thank you

I don't have time to make one at the moment unfortunately. I think you should be able to see how most of the parts fit together in the video and if not let me know what parts you're having an issue with and I'll try to explain.

what is the initial angle of each servo on the base?

They servo arms are mounted at 45 degrees. This allows the servo to have the maximum usable range (This range is limited in code by the inverse kinematics). Attached is a diagram of the servos range.

What is the position of the Delta_robot_bearing_cap?

It screws onto the Delta_robot_end_effector_interior to stop the bearings coming out of their track. You can see it in my video (12:40) here: https://youtu.be/vONuJPu1z3s?t=757
I hope this helps :)

I wonder if it would be good enought to turn it into 3d printer.

Mount it upsidedown, above some buildplate, put a hotend with a extruder (even something simple as a 3d pen) and just make it print :D

Unfortunately the servos aren't accurate enough for 3D printing. I have designed some mounts for legs so it can be turned upside down and used for pick and place operations.

Great project !
Maybe put hotent stationary and move only platform (not upside down - Your delta will be bed):) that will be unique
large nozzle will probably forgive some accurate issues.