Yet Another Cable Chain

by tosjduenfs Nov 16, 2012
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For years I have been hesitant to print out drag chain, thinking it cost vs the trouble was not worth it. I finally decided to try them, I have printed them with a 0.8 Nozzle out of ABS, at plate of 24Pcs, take 3 hours and cost $1.35 CAD, i must say! i regret not using them years ago! they really print out well and fit together great! its a credit to you and your understanding of how 3d printing works, Good job

I'm not sure as to what everybody else has made this with but I've printed this in PLA (anycubic filament) and it works brilliantly.

This is the second most downloaded chain. I like your design better because it offers more protection to the outside part of the chain.
Thank you!

"The cable channel is 1/2" wide and 3/8" tall."

Errr.... the entire world uses metric values, including all slicers o.O

The cable channel is 12.7mm wide and 9.525mm tall

Feel free to design your own.

I use this as my test case now, much better than little cubes as there is a chance they will get used one day :-)
If you have trouble putting them together I find squeezing the smaller legs causes the larger ones to open slightly (at least for the PETG samples I've been doing recently).
Also for using a a test case, very educational to see how the different materials compare when they are fit together.

hey guys, I've tried printing the 4x model and it went almost perfectly, but there was a problem on the bridge part: on every layer, and every one of the 4 pieces, the bridging was perfect, except for the middle passage (which happened to be the last passage, if that matters). The printer seemed to extrude more filament, or faster, so that it couldn't make the bridge.

As it happened the same way on all pieces, and other bridges were fine, I'm wondering what went wrong here? Is the slicer software not detecting it as a bridge? How can I fix it? I'm using slic3r 1.2.9 here

Picture: http://imgur.com/CKbwYUE

I've had perimeter and other issues with 1.29. I've gone back to using 1.17 for the time being. Try 1.17 and see if they turn out better.

I made a few. It definately works better without support.
One suggestion: if you smooth the lower angle of the closer "legs" all the element can move and it will smooth the whole chain. I attached it to a table and the second element can't move cause of the leg pushing on the table.

Good Job.

I was very surprised at how well this printed on my Prusa i3, 0.3mm nozzle, no supports at all. I kind of expected the to bridge to be a mess, but they came out perfectly. A little difficult to snap together, but once assembled it works smoothly and easily. If you decide to do any updates (not sure why you would, but just in case), maybe you could add two small "ramps" on the inner portion so it slides over the pins easier. Or maybe I just need to print with less fill so they sides are a little more flexible. Anyway, very nice!

prints easy and quick on my Mendel90 with a 0.4mm nozzle with no supports at all, and can be assembled without any cleanup. Best of all, makes a very convincing demonstration piece. My colleagues had already become bored with me bringing all kinds of printed things again and again. But today your cable chain: it moves. it rattles. it's alive. Now that is something completely different..

i can print this with no supports at .5 scale on my printrbot simple. thank you so much, i am goung to use this on my prusa!

did you have to print with supports? if so what did you use thanks

Thanks so much for adding the mounts! :D

It will smooth out after some use. I have a different printer now and have no use for it.

Doesn't this rattle when going back and forth with your axis? I printed the 4 pieces for fun and while banding you can hear the plastic rattling.

after a while the rattling is actually fairly quiet. I dont notice it over my printer noise.

I've uploaded the SolidWorks file.  I'll make some end mounts soon.  Any preference on how the end mount would attach to a machine?

two m3 fixing mounts would be great, also a tab for cable ties just to keep everything nice

After printing some others here on thingy, I got frustrated with the results. These printed very cleanly for me. I just wish you had uploaded the endmounts, or at least the 3d files so I could edit my own.

Very nice, we can always use more cable carriers (cable chains). However, it looks remarkably similar to other cable chains on thingiverse, why not acknowledge some ancestry?

Depends.  Cable chains have been around.  I don't think anyone on Thingiverse is claiming they invented the cable chain. 

If tosjduenfs didn't start with someone else's work... if his cable chain was created from memory and/or examples that have been around for years and years, there's no requirement for attribution, IMHO.

Agreed,  I didn't use someone's files and just modify them.  I 've used commercial cable chains on CNC routers that I've built.  I designed this link without assistance. I've attributed the 'derivative' designation to the rightful owner.

I also have known about and owned cable carriers for many years before I got into 3d printing. And like you, I also created a cable carrier from scratch. 
I designed my cable carrier after trying out Landru's. Even though I made mine completely from scratch it is still a derivative of Landru's because I used elements of his design in mine. Creating links that can be 3d printed is the challenge here and I drew from Landru's work to create mine.

I don't understand how you can state that you tried someone else's design, made your own with "simpler geometry" then sidestepped giving attribution.

For the sake of ending this I've added Landru's thing.  My chain snaps together and carries cables so I suppose it is a derivative.
I've also recently added an adjustable endstop, I guess I should start researching who was the first to make one.

There printing very nicely for me. Do i need it... no but they sure look cool. Nice and simple and fairly quick to print. Thanks