Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Fixed: Six Shooter Rubber Band Gun

by SR_Engineering Mar 3, 2019
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Really need an assembly video. Printed one of these for a bday gift, and being all the terms are in german it's a very slow, frustrating process. The printing was a breeze, but how do they all fit ?!?

Hi hunterws,
see the (at least) included Assembly instruction in the Files. hf

I just tried again, and I'm a patient person. Without knowing German, the instructions don't have meaning.
I can find the part through photos, put that in my hand, go back to the written instructions and it still makes no sense.
Love love love the model, but am so frustrated I just put this away.

Well, I did. Was trying to make this as a gift for the man who has everything, and couldn't assemble it in time of our getting together.
The printing went flawlessly, trying to assemble was the hurdle, and shouldn't be.
The file photos in the zip ... don't match the names of the parts, and they're all in german.
I had to open each part in cura, match that part to the part listed in the photos, then rename the photo to match. That was just to know what I had, so I could follow the directions better that were in German.
Had I known this going in, I wouldn't have started this piece. Love the design, I'm sure the trouble will be worth it, but it could be improved when it comes to easy assembly.

So, I looked on youtube, maybe I can find something there of someone even just using it so I can see what slides, what clicks and the like, nothing. I'm a machinist, and see how most of it lines up, but there are a few pieces that I don't know where they go and don't want to start gluing it together without knowing for sure.

Video of assembly.
Name the files & photos the same for identifying better. (German or English, so long as they match)

Felt like I needed a decoder just for assembly. This will probably sit as it is for a while until I get enough patience to try again.

I am Sorry for busting your birthday Surprise.
The original Author has a Video of using it.
Have you been looking at the Assembly PDF ?

NOW I found the PDF, not sure how I missed it before shrug Will post it once done. :)

I didn't find an assembly pdf ... just the text within the zip.
Didn't realize there was another version, will go look now, thanks :)

Just printed this yesterday (Had to scale everything down to 75% because my printer is tiny) and it is awesome! No screws, no outside parts and it works like a dream! Reminds me of the Robocop gun. Thank you for updating and posting this model.