Necromancer and skeleton miniatures

by Ilhadiel Mar 4, 2019
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just wanted to say thanks

Glad you like them!

These are great. If you published the bones separately so we could print them and then glue them into a pose, that'd be really interesting. Like Head, torso, left/right hands and feet, left/right leg and arm bones... all attached to a base and easily clipped with hobby snips. I like to cast mine in pewter and I've had a hard time finding poseable models.

Interesting idea. What do you mean by all attached to a base? Like, all of the separate bones attached to one base, so it will be 1 stl file? I gonna try to do that, but i warn you, it maybe wont work, because I don't have a 3D printer, so I cant do test prints. Currently I work on something else, but I will do that and publish it! :)

Yep, just have all the bones sticking up from some sort of base so people can print it out, snip them off and glue them in whatever pose they want. It wouldn't work for other character types but for skeletons it just makes sense. A hand holding a stick would allow you to glue on a sword, spear, axe, whatever... I've been trying to come up with something like that but I'm apparently terrible at blender. lol I really want to learn it when I have time though.

If you want to keep it easy to print, just make sure the angles are all less than 45 degrees. So in these models, the hardest one is going to be the skeleton pulling itself up out of the ground. Those arms that are perfectly horizontal have nothing under them to support them during the print. So the printer has to add supports. If the arm were lower, or even higher and reaching up to grab something so it wasn't horizontal like that, it'd be a lot easier to print. So if you print separate bones, just have them all sticking strait up vertically so the printer can build them up from the ground and not have to print over thin air.

Finally I had time to make it. But I think this in not a perfect version, pls check it out, and tell me what can i do to make it 100% work. For example, I believe it still need a lot of support :/

They're beautiful, thank you!

Thank you, glad you like them :)