Mini Submarine Bath Toy

by NoahSkrzypczak Mar 4, 2019
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for coloring/painting, I am very happy with the results I get by just going to the $1 dollar store, getting a bunch of nail polish and painting my models with that. The nail polish comes with their own brushes so there is no clean-up. - J

I think this is brilliant, and I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty to re-work it a bit to:

1) put all the parts on a level plane so they can print easy in a single print
2) added an axle so the propeller can spin with a press cap to hold it in place
3) removed the existing buoyancy tanks on the inside, that were at the bottom of the sub and replaced it with a new one just under the superstructure so the sub will float with the superstructure above the water instead of flipping upside down
4) a cap to the boyancy tank so you can fill the sub with water for underwater usage in the bathtub!

I submit those changes here for your review.

Do you have the pause as a command in the file or do you have to manually pause the print? I ask because I was printing it out, saw the three voids for the nuts but the printer was still printing in that area. Five minutes later I come back and the voids are being covered by the printer so it was too late. Well, I paused the print and couldn't get all the filament out to put the nuts in. If there's a pause command built-in maybe my cura is just not respecting it. If you don't have a pause command built in, please consider a version with it in. Thanks.

The pause command is not built into an STL file, it is added to the G-Code after the object has been sliced in whatever slicer you are using. In my case, I used Slic3r. In the layer visualization, you should be able to find on what layer the printer will close in the voids. All you have to do with that is add an @pause in your G-Code to have your printer automatically pause the print on that layer, allowing you to add the nuts without having to wait around for your printer to get done. To make it a little easier, I usually add in some code to move the print head out of the way. (G1 X0 Y0 for example before @pause).

Great little model, definitely needed supports for the fins and prop to print this on my Ender 3. Was a great way to test out the pause and resume features of my slicer. Kiddo loves his new bath toy.

There are voids inside the part that will fit M5 nuts. Right before the printer closes off the voids inside the part I pause it and place the nuts and then continue the print.