Raspberry Pi Cam V2 CR-10/CR-10 Mini Bed Mount and Adjustable Arm

by JoshLangsford Mar 5, 2019
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Love this print and been using it on my CR-10s. Only issue is that it's a little too close to the bed, so it's hard to get a more pulled out view since the pi cam isn't a wide angle lens. Any chance you can make a version where either:

a) The arms are longer

b) There is 1 additional arm model that allows you to print out as many of them as you'd like, where combined with the middle arm you can produce a mount that has 3+ joints rather than 2? So: bottom arm -> middle arm -> new arm -> middle arm -> new arm -> middle arm -> top arm (or any combination one would like)

c) Provide an alternate base plate (the piece that attaches to the bed) whose ball was at the center rather than the right.

Any of those would greatly resolve the issue I was describing.

Regardless, excellent print! Thanks for providing it

Hi Josh,

I really like this cam mount, but unfortunately, I have the ender 3. Can you please make a bed mount for the Ender 3 as well?

Hope so!


Hey, I really like the way this design looks! Unfortunately, I cant figure out how to attach the bracket to the CR-10 bed. I thought it would go under the level adjustment screws but the bracket is too short to reach from one screw to the next. Maybe this file is only for the mini?

The level adjustment screws should fit through the holes in the mount with the springs sitting on top in the larger diameter holes. Hmm that's interesting that it doesn't fit! I assumed that since the CR-10 mini and CR-10 had the same bed width and just a different bed depth that the screws would be the same distance apart but as I do not have a CR-10 I was not able to confirm. If you could measure the distance between the centre of the front two screws I would be happy to update the design with a new bed mount for the CR-10.

So after some research it appears that the distance between the screws on the CR-10 is 240mm is that correct? I have uploaded a new file which should hopefully fit. If there are any issues please let me know.