Fallout 4 Battletank for Wasteland Warfare

by YwanManYver Mar 6, 2019
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Really cool, I don't think I've ever come across any tanks in the game, so I must have missed it. Do you have any plans to paint yours?

Thanks for this great model! Do you have a walkthrough on how you did this? I normally remesh game models and chop them for printing. But your surfaces are great. Would love to learn how you did this. Thanks.

The model you see here is simply printed in 0.1mm Layerheight and cleaned up after print with a sanding Sponge to remove all excess Material on the Surface. I´m only using PETG as printing material. Its very good to flamepolish to have smooth surfaces.
The other reason for thegood surfaces is, that I take care not junkvertexes are inside the models. They bring up multilayer vertexes which results in unclean surfaces. Remeshing and choping models from Computergames results often in exactly those junk vertexes inside the meshes. Thats why I dont chop, but selectively remove parts to seperate the single parts of the model. SketchUp works fantastic for that. Its way more work, but its worth for the result.
Related to the work on the meshes itself its a weird method I use. I load the Mesh from the Gamefile with NifScope. Translate it into a .stl file and load it in DesignSparkMechanical 4.0. Then I save the File in .skp SketchUp Format with DSM and load the model in SketchUp. There I split the Model and remove all remaining Junk inside the meshes. This I save and load in DSM again. There I translate the meshes into Solids and Add new Parts and Volumes to the Model. This I save in .STL format and load it into NetFab Basic to make a final clean Up of the Mesh.

Thanks! Super helpful, I'll give it try.