Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Laser cut Tie Interceptor

by Yngel May 29, 2014
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pontosan megrajzolt tökéletes modell.

Thank you! :)

Have you the instructions to connect the parts?

I'm sorry, but I've not made instructions for this one. This was the first model I published, and I never thought of including instructions. If I build it again, I'll make sure to take pictures of the process and upload them here. Breakfastsandwich made some brilliant ones for his Tie Fighter, the model I based the Tie Interceptor on. You'll find the link under the "thing details" tab, on the left hand side, "Remixed from" etc. If you download the instructions for his Tie Fighter, you'll probably be able to build the Interceptor by using his instructions for most of the build, i.e. cockpit etc. and the pictures on this page as reference for the few bits that differ on the Interceptor, which are mainly just the solar panels.

Thanks! I'll do it based on images! Thanks!
Amazing model, if you do another ships please upload for us!!

I've made another Tie Interceptor with added detail which is slightly sleeker, and Darth Vaders Tie Advanced. You'll find them among my designs:
If you like laser cut Star Wars models, check out Breakfastsandwich's stuff:
Good luck with your build! Please upload some pics if you build one! :-) Just snap a few pictures, click "I Made One" on the things page and upload your pics. I'd love to see how it turns out! :-)

Thanks! I'll upload on 'I made one' as soon I done it

There's now a detailed PDF instruction made by a friend and an animation made by another maker over at GrabCad. See the "Thing Details" tab for a link to the GrabCad animation and the "Thing Files" tab for the PDF. :)

Perfect design, congratulations, but I have a problem.
When I export the project to dxf, each line is interpreted as a rectangular object, creating two lines in place of one (doubling the time in the machine), I tried to solder, combine, and convert object to contour, but it still did not solve the problem.

I'm not sure I understand. There's already a DXF to download, why do you need to export? I've never run into a similar problem. The lines seem fine at my end. The SVG may be dodgy. I made it by running the whole thing through Inkscape, which can be a bit sketchy. Which one of the files are you working with?

Have you the instructions to connect the parts?

I want to make this from 1/4" instead of 1/8", and roughly double the size. Do you think that it would be as easy as scaling the entire thing up so that the slots that hold a piece by the thickness are 1/4" wide instead of 1/8"?

Yes, that should work perfectly well. I've done similar things myself several times. :) If you do, please post a couple of pictures. I'd love to see it at that scale. :D.

Thank you very much! I nicked the important bits off of Breakfastsandwich here on Thingiverse. He's a true master. I highly recommend that you check out his work.

05.05.14 Updated all the files after removing an alignment issue on the port side of the fuselage. The front/back pylon panels were interfering somewhat with the solar panels. Removed the hatch pattern from the solar panels in the svg file, as they came out wrong from InkScape anyway.

This is my first attempt at remixing or designing anything for the laser cutter. Glad you liked it. The X-wing is fairly complex and I'm a noob, so don't hold your breath waiting for me to do it. Although I might just try to give it a go...

You guys are amazing! How long before an x-wing?? I think these are amazing!