AutoRewind Spool Stand Hanging Screw Mount

by AbeFM Mar 6, 2019
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What are the dimensions of the metal rods? I don't have a Prusa printer(So I don't already have any metal rods) but I'd like to be able to use this and the auto rewind system to store spools in a dry box.

I've decided to use a 'buffer' style. The rods are 7.94 mm (~8).

Down in the comments some guy figured out how to get the plastic rods working with these holders.

I DO like the idea of doing the rewinding under desiccant.

Thanks for the response. May I ask where you acquired the rods? Here in the US, stores don't usually list sizes in mm unless it is a metric specific part.

They came with my MMU. They are the rods the filament spools roll on with the Prusa spool holders.
7.94 mm / 25.4mm/in = 0.3125" = 3/8"

If you ask TODAY I can probably change the pole diameter of you need a small change.

Looks sweet, thanks for creating and sharing! I've added a link on the main page of the universal rewinder.

@VincentGroenhuis this spool holder is not compatible with your printed axle "Axle_v3.3" because of the rib on the tall end. Can you make an axle without the rib? I am using this mount with your most recent auto-rewind "Integrated" design, which doesn't have a Spring_Round part for round metal axles.

Seems like at some point I ought to make a set which fits the 'standard' rods. Perhaps I could generally beef things up.

Yes, you can use the Parametric Auto-Rewind Spool Holder to generatie aan axle with the desired length without ribs.

Thanks for the awesome re-winder spool!


Which one did you print because the image shows you using a metal axle and I thought the auto rewinder uses printed axles, did you use the axles that came with the mmu2 and if so can I get instructions or a stl of the ones you printed please, I have printed your bracket but cannot find the correct spool to work with it

It looks like he may have taken down the version with metal poles. I could redesign this to fit his current plastic parts - I've been liking the metal, it's super strong. My guess is you can find the right spring (called "round" for round pole) in the "V1.02 experimental springs" file.

Vincent confirmed, the "round" springs from the Zip file are what you want.

Universal Auto-Rewind Spool Holder

Thank you AbeFM I have found the version however what stops the axle from rotating in the holder because mine is doing that, I am planning to use your holder screwed to a wall. due to the short footprint I require

Thank you


Good luck with it, I expect it will work fine. I only ran mine that way briefly, though I'm kinda looking at it again now. :-)

I put mine in with the metal first, and the plastic up above, it just catches the top of the hole and that's all it needs!