AR 15 PERCISION RIFLE STOCK (fully Adjustable)

by mussy Mar 8, 2019
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But will it stand up to the force of a thousand 5.56 rounds?

5.56 is a very weak round lol it has as much recoil as a 22

Is there any way you could give a list of hardware used? I dont know the length of each bolt needed and I want to make one so bad lol

2 X M3 X 10mm L Self Tapping Screws (Hex Key Holder)
6 X M3 X 18mm L Fastener for but plate
4 X M5 X 20mm L Fasteners & Nuts
2 X M5 X 40mm L Fasteners & Nuts
1 X M8 X 12mm L Fastener for Stock mounting
1 X 4mm Hex Key

hmmm.... I think I saw this somewhere.... but where was it???

Shhhhhh keep it between us ;)

Carbine tube or A2? I assume carbine but it doesn't say

Carbine, I'm also working on A2 right now

That's awesome! I'd love to see a version I could fit on the end of a Nerf blaster haha

I'll make an adapter ;)

That would be epic! :D

I'll publish it this weekend ;)

is the plan for this stock to actually fit onto an AR-15? if so im going to need a big printer, Possibly you could create a version that can be printed in its multiple smaller parts?

Don't we all need a bigger printer lol but on a serious note its biggest part will be 200mm I'm already splitting it in to several smaller parts that do not require any supports ;)

thx, i only have a monoprice select mini V1 that only has a build area of 120mm on all axis, sorry for the late reply

im assuming they need to be acetone welded unless you already have a way in mind

If you use ABS then the best way is acetone, I always use PLA and for large parts I use 5 min Epoxy for smaller ones I just use Cyanoacrylate

i am planning to print it out and try it on my AR, i sure hope i don't break it

If yr using it on a .223 there shouldn't be any problems it can easily handle the recoil just make sure you use 6 shells ;)
Plz post pictures of it mounted on the rifle

This thing looks sick! Excellent work:)

Thanks buddy it took ages & I'm still tweaking it to print without supports ;)