Mini Trash Can

by Stammchiller Mar 8, 2019
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Is there anyway you could post the wheels with some more tolerance? I can't get mine to move at all.

I'll upload a wheel version with a gap of 0,3mm, the standard version has 0,2mm. Unfortunately I have no access to a 3D printer for the next months and can't test the modified version. But you can try it and give me a feedback. Otherwise try to reduce the printing hight to a minimum. I printed the wheels with 0,1mm or 0,06 - don't know it anymore :) but it worked

I just printed the .3mm version and it's still fused. Maybe go for a much larger gap? These wheels are tiny and my printer is pretty old.

Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

There is one picture with the dimensions in mm. All my prints have those dimensions. But the community did a few prints with scaled up models. Does this answer your question?

I finally managed to print wheels that didn't fuse together. Took a lot of tries, but along the way I learned a lot about improving my print quality. Thank you making this model that pushed me to learn more.

Is is on Purpose that you don't allow remixes? I had separated the axle and wheel so the wheel can be printed in TPE rubber as well as reworked the rest of the model with a easier to print filament axle for the lid and a some minor mods that minimize curling. When I wanted to publish these I saw you don't allow that.

Great ideas!

Remixes are now possible :)

Okay published the Modifications here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3497768. Posting one of the pics as a make as well :)

ease of print modification of Mini Trash Can
by blkhawk

Can the model be scaled up?

I haven't tried it yet. Only the attached wheel could get a gap. In the worst case you have to glue it into the body.
Let me know if it worked. Otherwise I can modify the model.

Is the hinge area (cyclinder) where the lid attaches to the body suppose to have two cut-outs on each side? I printed the body @ 0.2 layer, so that might have something to do with it. I found at this layer height that hinge area was not very secure.

edit: figured out why...I had "horizontal expansion" @ -0.1 which caused those areas to not slice/print. Or I could have also just left the expansion setting and used "print thin walls" enabled

The handle is designed with an outside diameter of 4mm and a drill hole of 3mm. So there musst be 0.5mm material on each side of the drill hole. That worked for my 0.4mm nozzle quite fine. Maybe there is an issue with 0.2mm hight. I havent tested it so far.
If you wish I can upload a stl of the Body with a thicker handle.

I re-printed the body and removed the "horizontal expansion" setting in Cura, and it came out fine. Thanks for the model, it's so cute