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CR-10 S5 Mod - Y axis Tensioner

by Cornely_Cool Mar 8, 2019
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Found a major issue when trying to print a large part, I've attached two photos to illustrate.

basically there's an aluminium frame under the bed, and it needs clearance as the bed pulls away from the printer's frame. in my case 28mm or so, but it can vary according to the bed level. not sure what's the minimum clearance needed.

the aluminium frame under the bed distances itself from the printer frame to a max of about 12cm, so the tensioner must not be higher than the minimum clearance on it's entire lenght.

I didn't put much thought into this, but it looks like it needs a major design change in order to be able to move the bed properly, as the beggining of the tensioner's body just barely clears for the bed frame, but as it tapers up and becomes circular to match the knob shape, it completely blocks the bed frame.

mmm aluminum frame that supports the bed??? are we talking about a CR-10 S5???
According what I know, heated bed is supported by a plate of 3mm more or less...

Ok, seems the 2018 model have the aluminum frame...I think I am not too much updated on printers models!!!!!

well yes, I was surprised too. and the same thing happened when I was browsing for Y tensioners a while ago and found out that the bracket that supports the y pulley is 2 different pieces in some models of the s5 while mine is a single part

I just posted a make of this prototype: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:625982
so far so good mate

Had to sand the body and the screw it a bit because it's a really tight fit, even at 0,12mm layer height, but prints perfectly.
it's holding the belt good so far, awesome design, looks oem and feels solid
I used a m4 bolt cuz m5 don't fit the original bearing. m4 is a little loose on the printed screw's holes, so I had to use a nut

it's worth mentioning that I made a remix of another Y tensioner, can't find it right now, but I attached pics of it. I utimately didn't even print the screw and knobs of that version because I didn't realy liked how it looked, and when you said you were going to make a version of your oem-like tensioner for the s5 I decided to wait, it looks way better. my remix also needed supports and the under face ended up looking ugly because of it.

my only concern was that it would break without this extra flap I made for this remix, but your doesn't have it and it's looking strong so far

will print some more parts and see how it behaves

cheers mate

CR-10 S5 Mod - Y axis Tensioner
by fael097


first of all, thanks for the support in the beta tests :-), really appreciated!

  • The hole is foreseen for a M5 screw ( really. I remember in the comments of another project, somebody asked me about this version with a GT2 pulley, that have 5mm internal diameter...so I went for it, my bad!).
    Please tell me the dimensions of the bearings, that maybe I will prepare a screw for it...
  • For the tight fit, I used the same tolerances I used for all my other projects, is 0.1 mm of clearance all around. Is tight, but I don't like whan the screw can make side movements because is not well guided, especially on the Y axis, where you can see the belt travelling from one side of the sprocket to the other...

  • For the body, I have to tell you that the first version I made for the S5, was really similar to your remix (that is really well done), but I changed mind exactly to avoid the needs of supports on the front face. Anyway, other option was to use different loft section, so to include the L plate directly into the body...
    With this solution, you can still print all in one piece, ans without supports (stay tuned, maybe I will have some spare time for think about it,,,).
    I don't think the actual body will break so easily, anyway, you will be soon able to tell me :-P


Any chance you'd be willing to share the Solidworks native files? I'd like to customize this for the stock bearing on my CR-10S S4 (older version). The original bearing is an M4, and I have GT2 pulleys laying around but they are 6mm width, not the 10mm as the printer has on the Y axis. Thank you for your great contribution, I am using the X Tensioner and it is fantastic!

Yep, with the 6 mm GT2 Pulley everything is easier, but probably you will need to re-design the pieces (for use the bigger bearings, here I used two different diameters for the screw, while for the 6mm wide is not necessary)
Anyway, I will send you the files when I will be home, no prob!